“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.8): Fork You


As Marcellus once said in Hamlet, “something is rotten in the state of Seattle.” This week’s Grey’s Anatomy opens up with Bailey trying to sniff out something unpleasant in Tuck’s room. She’s convinced there is something moldering in there, and in her sleuthing, she’s being overall awful to Ben. She’s mono-focused on the phantom smell and Ben is concerned. Bailey, methinks thou art projecting.


On the hospital’s PEDS floor, Alex pops in late at night to visit a teenage patient. All the kids stuff is really bringing him down, and combined with anxiety about his impending major surgery, the teenager can’t sleep. Alex, being Alex, sits down and plays a few levels of his video game with him. Meredith is also still at the hospital, taking a cat nap on her research project. Stephanie wakes her to let her know that the first 3D printer project is coming along. It’s cause for great excitement and Stephanie runs to gather the other second years to tell them the news. They are all in Richard’s room, where he is holding court and telling them stories about past cases and his storied career. Ross offers to help him down to see all the excitement, but Richard passes. They all take off to see the results of the printing, leaving Richard alone. Well, sort of alone. His wall mate starts giving him shit about his boring stories that she can practically recite by memory at this point.

April, Matthew and a priest walk into a bar. Just kidding, they are all in the priest’s office, awaiting their compatibility test results. (This happens?) Turns out, they are super compatible. High fives all around. When the priest leaves, Matthew expresses concern about an area that they are unequal in. Bless April’s heart, she assumes it’s financial, and suggests a joint checking account. Nope, Matthew is concerned about the fact that he’s going into their wedding night a virgin and thinks perhaps they should remedy that.


Ross brings Cristina a coffee on his way to see Meredith’s new toy. Oh…we are doing that now, Ross? Did you go to the same School of Over Eager Courting that Leah did? He tells Cristina about Meredith’s project and she gets all Cristina about it.

Bailey and Jo are consulting with a patient and his husband. The patient is a food critic who needs to have his esophagus removed, and they will be replacing it with a piece of his intestine. I learn something new every day. The crap jokes ensure! You have to laugh at yourself, otherwise you will get very fucking depressed about the fact that someone is removing your esophagus and replacing it with part of your intestine. Bailey consults Jo outside of the room and tells her to order another enema because she wants that intestine so clean that you can eat off it. Wow, sorry, that was a very bad example.


Arizona and Emma are walking down the hall together, chatting. Emma is interviewing for a possible position at the hospital and Callie will be asking the questions. Emma asks Arizona about Callie, and Arizona tells her that Dr. Torres is amazing, which she can say even though they are exes. Uh oh. The dreaded ex word. To Calzona shippers, it sounded not unlike a canon being fired right next to your head. Callie is walking with Owen, and decides she’s going to use this opportunity to get the scoop on Emma’s feelings about life, love and babies. When all four meet at the hall junction, it’s more than a little awkward.


There’s great excitement over Meredith’s new project, and everyone begins to gather. On the way, Jackson and Derek discuss the awesome, bromantic surgeries they will be tacking that day. Leah interrupts them to ask Jackson about a patient who needs a drain removed. He waves her off, telling her that he will take care of it later, leaving her in the dust. As they all gather, Meredith explains her new project. The man who is showing her the ropes with the printer, has a noticeable eye twitch which piques Derek’s interest. The first 3D printed project is complete, and Meredith triumphantly raises….a plastic fork. Everyone peaces out, because, well, forks. She cries out that it was just a test, and they will soon be creating life saving printed portal veins, waving her fork in the air.


Meredith shows the fork to Richard and he is encouraging. She is concerned that he isn’t walking enough, however. Richard’s wall mate CJ is doing some walking of her own and stops by to call his room a “theatre of boredom.” She offers to share some of her stories with him so he doesn’t have to keep recycling ones from the good old days.

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