“The Returned” recap (1.2): Making Peace with Our Ghosts


We start this episode back at The Lake Pub 10 years in the past and a day before Simon and Adele’s wedding. Simon is onstage playing bass in his band while Adele waits tables. At the end of their set, some kid, who has no respect for other people’s property, starts playing with the drum set. It turns out to be Lena, who is yelled at by her father Jerome as her sister Camille plays pinball next to him. Simon starts teaching Lena how to play the drums while Adele smiles and takes a Polaroid photo of him. Racking up the points, Simon, someone’s getting laid tonight.


Cut to Simon and Adele in bed the next morning, she complains about not getting any sleep that night. Guess I was right. She insists Simon must leave because it’s bad luck for him to see her in her dress. Before he goes she tells him she has a secret, but it must wait until tonight. He jokingly asks her if she is pregnant and she smiles. So that means the child in the future he mentally scars by repeatedly knocking on the door while yelling is his daughter. Later that day, it appears that Adele has been left at the altar. Police arrive at the church, including Adele’s future beau, and deliver bad news to the priest as she watches.


Back to current day, Adele’s boyfriend and young daughter, Thomas and Chloe, discuss her mental state at the breakfast table. Chloe asks if it is going to be as bad as the last time and Thomas assures her that her mother will be fine.


Meanwhile, Simon stops at an oddly American-looking diner and tries to buy food with the change in his pocket. After getting a rude response from an employee dressed in Western gear, Simon responds the way that any sane person would. By smashing him in the head with a glass mug, then kicking him over and over. Personally, I think the guy deserved it. He was wearing a bolo tie. Simon stops only when he notices Mr. Costa’s wife sitting in a booth casually eating fries. He flees, unaware that the whole thing has been caught on tape.


Lena opens the bathroom door and sees Camille staring at herself in the mirror. As Lena turns to quickly leave, Camille asks her if she frightened of her. Lena says no but pulls away when Camille tries to hug her.


Julie peruses the missing children board at the local police station as she waits to be helped. A detective and the man Simon beat the crap out of pass her in the hall. When he returns she asks if there have been any missing reports on a child fitting Victor’s description. When questioned why, she lies and says she saw him from the bus on her way home. Even though the detective can tell she is holding back, he chastises her for not coming in earlier then leads her into the station to file a report.


As everyone sits at the breakfast table, Lena comes down and angrily lights a cigarette. She asks if the plan is to pretend that everything is normal and questions if this is even Camille. Jerome yells at her and she leaves. He follows and Lena tells him she cannot accept the fact that her sister has been “resurrected.” He insists that Camille needs her right now. Lena responds by saying she has no sister, her sister died. Ouch…cold. Why can’t you love your zombie sister, Lena?


Back at Julie’s, Simon approaches her and asks if she knows anything about the former tenant, Adele. After telling him she moved in eight or nine years ago and that she knows nothing about her, she shuts the door in his face. She doesn’t have time for his antics now that she is a surrogate parent for a creepy kid. She finds Victor in the kitchen and insists he must speak to her. She tells him that she went to the police station and no one is looking for him. He says nothing and hugs her. Julie tells him that she cannot keep him, and once again he says nothing then eats a cracker. Never has something so innocuous weirded me out so much.


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