The 5 types of people who are already obsessed with “Tierra de Lobos”


This post is an introduction to/refresher course on the popular Spanish soap opera Tierra de Lobos. Check back soon for our recaps.

1. People who love Westerns


Tierra de Lobos, roughly translated as Land of Wolves, is a western set in 19th century Spain. Antonio Lobo is a wealthy landowner who runs the town until a robbery in Portugal goes wrong. Like most westerns, there’s plenty of horseback riding, rifle shooting and swordplay. The townspeople gather at the saloon to complain about and hatch plans against Lobo’s tyrannical rule. And of course, there’s a brothel with booze, women and dancing.

2. People who like Gothic novels

Although Tierra de Lobos is a western, viewers will also notice quite of few Gothic tropes in the show as well:

Setting in a castle/Mansion: Lobo’s large gated home.

Mysterious or suspenseful atmosphere: Unknown parentage, the mysterious death of Senora Lobo, a search for three keys that can unlock a mysterious box.

Visions or portentous dreams: Check!

High, even overwrought, emotion: Check! Check!

Women in distress (usually at the hands of a tyrannical male): Check! Check! Check!

The lighting and soundtrack (complete with shrieking violins) also lends itself to the Gothic atmosphere of the show. There are plenty of scenes of women, in long white flowing nightgowns, running around the Lobo mansion with only the moonlight and a solitary candle to light their way as they attempt to solve a mystery or hide a dead body. This scene in particular reminds me of something from Edgar Allen Poe.

3. People who can’t resist romantic soap operas with star-crossed lovers and dramatic reveals

Whether one considers Tierra De Lobos to be a pure Western, a Gothic series or a mixture of both, one must admit that at the core of it, TDL is a soap opera complete with a couple of pairs of star-crossed lovers, devious maids, and cases of mistaken identity. There hasn’t been an evil twin yet, but it’s only in season 3, so keep your fingers crossed! People who can’t resist following the will-they-won’t-they couple to see if they will ever, finally get together love this show! People who gasp every time Darth Vader shakes Luke’s world by saying, “Luke, I am your father!” love this show! People who love it when a character you think is dead, shows up to reveal that they’ve been alive all along and hiding out in some remote cabin in the countryside, love this show! If you love a good soap opera, you’ll love it too.

4. People who enjoy eye-candy (and who doesn’t?)

eye candy

Need I say more?

5. People who ship Crisabel


The best aspect of the show, by far, is the romance between Senor Lobo’s second daughter, Isabel, and his former prostitute, Cristina. Isabel has always felt different from her marriage-minded sisters but she’s not quite sure why until she accidentally walks in on Cristina bathing and is transfixed. She tries to resist her burgeoning feelings and even goes to confession, where a priest tells her to steer clear from temptation. Yet, she can’t stay away from Christina and eventually they embark on a passionate but dangerous affair.

crisabel 3

crisabel 2

If you haven’t seen Season 1 or 2 of Tierra De Lobos, get caught up soon. Season 3 recaps are coming your way on Wednesday!

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