Afternoon Delight: Rachel Maddow gets the “Simpsons” treatment


Good afternoon and happy Friday!

Happy birthday to Toni Collette, Jenny McCarthy, Natalia Tena and Sophie B. Hawkins!

This Sunday, Rachel Maddow will make a cameo on The Simpsons.

On November 8, out artists Frenchie Davis and Kathryn Lounsbery will team up at M Bar (1253 N. Vine, Hollywood, CA) for The French and Kat Show. The pop cabaret begins at 8 pm and is expected to sell out, so if you want to attend this show I suggest you purchase tickets sooner than later!


Check out the video for Glee star Demi Lovato‘s new single, “Let it Go” (from the soundtrack of the upcoming Disney animated film Frozen).

Do you prefer shiny, happpy, letting-it-go Demi, or terrifying Halloween party Demi?

Demi Lovato's Halloween Party

 Getty Images

Yesterday, Lovato’s co-star Jane Lynch posted a photo of herself all dressed up for Halloween.

Sandra Bullock says that her friend Meryl Streep is a badass:

If Meryl and I get in a ring, she’ll kick my ass. People don’t realise that there’s a side of Meryl that’s just mean. You walk away and she’ll just rip your dress…I know not to turn my back on her…I will try to kick her ass but she will kill me. That’s just how it’s gonna end and then she’ll be lovely Meryl again and I’ll just be dead.

This only makes you love Meryl more, doesn’t it?

Comedian and gay ally Sarah Silverman will debut her first ever HBO comedy special We Are Miracles on November 23 at 10pm.

Photo of the day!

What was lesbian comedian Fortune Feimster for Halloween? Why The Wheel of Fortune, of course!