The Top 25 Lesbian/Bi Characters on TV (Right Now)


It’s such an exciting time to be a gay lady who loves to watch fictional gay ladies. Right now, there are more lesbian and bisexual characters on TV than ever before, spanning broadcast and cable networks, age demographics, genres, ethnicities, races, and nations. So recently we asked you to help us rank the top 25. (If you’d told us five year ago that there would be more than 25 lesbian/bi characters on active television shows, we would have laughed in your face—but here we are!) After two weeks of voting, we’ve tallied the results, and here are some interesting tidbits about your current favs:

Eight of your Top 25 (30 percent) are women of color, making this one of our most awesomely diverse lists ever.

Six of your Top 25 characters are played by Canadian actresses, two are played by English actresses, and two are played by German actresses.

The Top 25 character who has appeared in the least amount of episodes is Dani from Glee, logging only one appearance so far, which goes to show how far a little smooching with Naya Rivera goes in the hearts of lesbian and bisexual TV viewers.

The Top 25 character who has appeared in the most amount of episodes is Callie Torres from Grey’s Anatomy. She has logged 176 episodes in 10 seasons. (The next closest contender is Arizona Robbins with 116 episodes of Grey’s and Kalinda Sharma from The Good Wife, coming it at 97 episodes.)

The majority of characters from the list appear on American cable shows (10), followed by American broadcast shows (9).

But the show with the most characters on the list appears only on Netflix (Orange Is the New Black).

Netflix, ABC, ABC Family, and Syfy are tied with four characters each on the list.

And now, without further ado, your rankings of the Top 25 Lesbian/Bi Characters on TV (Right Now)

25. Dani, Glee


It is a tough act to follow our beloved Brittany S. Pierce as Santana Lopez’s girlfriend on Glee, and while we’re still pretty convinced Brittana is straight-up endgame, we’re happy to see Santana smiling again. We downloaded “Here Comes the Sun” to our iPods, too, if we’re being honest. Here’s to early morning kisses, acoustic duets, and innocent distractions.

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24. Crazy Eyes, Orange is the New Black


Suzanne Warren is an enigma wrapped in a mystery cloaked in a Shakespearean monologue. She’s got a tough exterior with a gooey caramel center. On the one hand, she’s aggressive and commanding, but on the other, she expresses such tender vulnerability when asking Piper why people call her “Crazy Eyes.” We’d throw our pie for her any day.

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