“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.1-2): “I Don’t Dance in My Underwear Anymore”


It’s that time of year again, where the leaves start to change, everything is flavored with pumpkin spice, and Shonda Rhimes reaches inside our chests to rip out our still beating hearts.  Yea fall!  I’m thrilled to be joining you for the first time as your Grey’s Anatomy recapper. The lovely and talented Bridget McManus has kindly handed over the reigns to me this year and I hope to do her proud. So, on with the show!

The season premiere picks up pretty much were Grey’s left off.  Richard’s voice narrates us through the opening. (When anyone other than Meredith narrates the opening, we know that something serious and life altering is bound to happen.) But for now, Derek, Meredith and Zola are welcoming new addition Bailey to their beautiful family. Owen, sighing in his Owen way, surveys the damage of the super storm.  The interns are exhausted and Bailey is looking for Richard. Arizona and Callie stand facing off, but now there is nothing more to say, so Callie picks up her white coat and walks away.  April stares teary eyed and longingly at Jackson, who just re-ignited her flame of confusion by pulling that child from the overturned bus.  Richard, poor Richard, is lying on the floor in the basement.  He’s been electrocuted so severely that smoke rises from his body, a deep puddle of electrified water blocking access to him.


Back in Meredith’s room, the board members and Bailey Sr. gather to discuss the current state of the emergency room, and also, babies! Bailey Sr. takes her namesake to a comfy chair to coo and cuddle. Callie can barely even look at Arizona, who is trying to act as if her whole world hasn’t just been dismantled by a fingerbang. Owen fills everyone in on their dwindling resources and recommendation to close the ER to anymore incoming patients.  Meredith despite just having a little human and a splenectomy, is ready to jump into action. Derek puts the kibosh on that however. When Jackson comes in, dislocated shoulder and all, to let them know that Dr. Homewrecker Boswell is on a plane back to wherever she came from, Cristina nonchalantly asks who the hell she is.  Callie takes that opportunity to let everyone know that Arizona is a big ol’ cheater.  The air is suddenly sucked out of the room, and Arizona’s lungs.


It turns out that Owen doesn’t even have the chance to close the ER when a group of firefighters and rescue workers are rushed there after a mudslide on a mountain. Alex and Jo, apparently super horny from watching that tree crash through the living room window, are attempting to get it on in the on call room. At first Alex says he’s mature now and not doing it in an on call room, but Jo is standing there all chest heaving and breast having, so he thinks better of it. Jo is having her own crisis however, asking it Alex slept with other interns in the same room. Of course he did.  Still they get past that hurdle until their pagers ultimately break the mood.


Lenny, the chief of the ladder company caught in the mudslide and collapse comes in. He’s in pretty bad shape. They get to work on him, and Owen observes the overworked ER as he is wheeled away. Heavy is the head, Owen.

Cristina Yang and her person, Meredith, lie together on Meredith’s hospital bed. Cristina is wiped out from saving lives all night, but what she really wants is a little comfort from her best friend. She confesses to Meredith that she broke up with Owen. Meredith is like, sure, until next week when you get back together. Yang says no, that this time it’s different. This time it has to stick. She attempts to get some shut eye, but duty calls.


Intern Ross rolls up all smiles and a full day of Shepherd ass kissing planned for himself.  Derek, observing a patient who was rescued from the mudslide, tells Ross to go find Brooks and have her run some tests.  When Ross suggests that he can handle it, Derek tells him no, he wants Brooks.  Bailey, still looking for Richard, instructs Ross to go find him.  He runs into Yang who tells him that Weber was last seen heading to the generator.  When Ross finds Brooks, he lies and tells her that Shepherd wants her to go find Richard.  Confused, she shrugs and follows orders.

One of the rescue workers from the mudslide is a young policewoman with some nasty lacerations. Jackson tends to her wounds, including a very large, angry looking one on her neck. She’s thinking about her fiancé who is also a first responder, who has not been seen for some time. Not even Jackson’s mesmerizing blue eyes can calm her fears.


Brooks finds her way to the basement, where she calls out for Richard Webber. She sees him on the ground, and not knowing the water is electrified, steps right in the puddle. Richard opens his eyes but cannot speak to warn her.  As the volts course through her body, she is paralyzed.  She falls to the ground, but not before slamming her pixie cut against a metal locker.


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