Emily Schromm on tonight’s “Rivals II” finale and behind-the-scenes hook-ups



When she’s not dominating reality TV, Emily Schromm works as a personal trainer/crossfit (quelle horreur!) coach in the scenic, liberal jock mecca of Denver. (If you don’t know what Crossfit is, it’s an exercise regime native to the eighth circle of Dante’s Inferno. But it makes your body look bomb, girl.)

Tonight is the season finale of The Challenge: Rivals II, and I took a moment to talk with the bisexual finalist about her fitness, Twitter drama, and (obvi) some girl-on-girl.

AfterEllen.com: Do you think doing Crossfit makes you a better competitor than the other women on the show?

Emily Schromm: It definitely helps! Crossfit is a lot of everything. You can hang onto the bars longer, you can sprint, you can jump, you can’t really swim. Obviously. But for the most part, I can do anything because of Crossfit so I definitely attribute it to my success so far.


AE: On The Shit They Should Have Shown, you were making out with a couple girls. Did any of them go beyond just kissing?

ES: No, they did not. I’m pretty good at keeping it calm in the house. If was fun make outs. Nani and I have conflict flirted with each other before, and then it just ballooned into a makeout that probably should have happened because… It was a really good kiss. But besides that, it was just having fun. Camila’s straight as can be so it was more being entertaining in the house with our own selves.


AE: Have you felt the love from lesbians since appearing on The Real World and Challenges?

ES: Yeah! I was openly bisexual on TRW in DC and since then I’ve related to a lot of girls who were like sporty tomboys figuring it out as we go. I do have a great fancrew that are bisexual and are lesbian because they are always cheering me on! And I really appreciate that.

AE: Have you been dating more girls or guys lately?

ES: I’m honestly the most true bisexual you’ll ever meet! Right in the middle, 50/50! So it depends on the person. I live in the beautiful town of Denver where there’s great options either way. It depends on the place I am in my life because I’m not a huge dater.

AE: What type of girls do you go for?

ES: I love girls that can keep up with me. If a girl can kick my ass, I think that’s so hot. I’m a big chick, so it’s so cool to have someone I can take anywhere, like snowboarding. I’m attracted to super active women like me. I’m not really into femmes. I like chicks who know how to dress, but I’m kinda girly myself so I go more for androgyny.


AE: Do you think you’re more careful who your rivals are because you could end up with one on your team in future challenges? Like Cara Maria?

ES: [Laughs ruefully] I will never do a Challenge with her.

AE: Never? Like never ever? Like neva eva?

ES: I hope they don’t do Rivals 3 anytime soon. They have to do a Duel first, right? I don’t know. I don’t even know where the rivalry came out of, it got so aggressive so quickly. And I really do like everybody! I think people are contriving it [the rivalry] a little bit. I think she would love to be my partner. And I think she would be a decent partner if she could swim a little better. So it’s not the worst thing that could happen, but I don’t want it to happen.

AE: Why do you think Cara Maria would love to be your partner?

ES: Well she’s a great competitor herself but she needs a strong person, like Cooke. That’s how she’s gotten so far this time, and she had Laurel the last time.

AE: Who is on your least favorite team this season? Would it be Cooke and Cara Maria?

ES: No, it couldn’t even really be them because I love Cooke and I didn’t have a problem with Cara Maria for a long time. It actually got worse after the show between us… Twitter has amplified every situation times a million. Someone can say something, I’ll get a text, then look on Cara’s Twitter and think, “Oh My God! What a bitch!’”


AE: What do you think your greatest competitive weakness is?

ES: I really don’t like swimming. I’m trying to get better, and I’ve even taken lesson, but swimming in a life jacket with tennis shoes on and a helmet that’s like, 30 lbs, is so not my thing.

AE: What about your greatest strength?

ES: I’m a big kid! I’m like almost 5’9, 150 lbs, I’ve got a lot of muscle on me. So for anything that’s like one-on-one or physical, I have such a big advantage.

AE: What’s your relationship with [lesbian contestant] Aneesa?

ES: I love Aneesa. Every time we’re together, we like to bond about girls.


AE: What should we expect from tonight’s season finale of The Challenge: Rivals II?

ES: It’s so intense! This is my third final, and you never know what you’re going to get walking into it. This season finale is so different from any Challenge I’ve been to yet. Full of twist and turns, full of the good, bad, and just horrible.

AE: When you’re not competing on MTV, what do you do?

ES: I am a full time Crossfit coach and personal trainer here in Denver. I also do a lot of online training.

Check out Emily and her partner Paula as they fight to win the prize money on tonight’s The Challenge: Rivals II at 10/9c on MTV.