Gearing up for “Grey’s Anatomy”: What’s ahead for Calzona?


The much-anticipated 10th season of Grey’s Anatomy kicks off this Thursday without missing a beat from the previous season’s action (and infidelity) packed finale.  When we last saw our brilliant and bed-hopping docs, a massive storm had descended upon Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital (formerly and affectionately know as Seattle Grace Mercy West). Here are a few plotty plot points to help get you up to speed. Meredith Grey went into labor and despite nearly dying on the table, guided intern Shane through her own life-saving procedures like a total badass and delivered a healthy baby boy named Bailey.


Seeing how desperately Owen wants a child of his own, Cristina decides to cut the cord on their relationship. Jackson rescued a little kid from an overturned bus and nearly got himself blown up, which made April realize how much she still loved him. Richard Webber, poor guy, got himself electrocuted.


Let’s see, what else happened….Alex did something too I think… oh who cares….ARIZONA FUCKED DR. LAUREN BOSWELL! In the on call room. At the hospital where she and her wife work. Together. I know friends; it’s still a little raw over here too.  Callie would have been none the wiser either, except that Arizona and Lauren had an accidental switcheroo with their scrub shirts. The worst! Callie noticed Arizona’s wedding ring pinned to the other blonde doctor’s uniform and all our hearts sank. In an incredibly emotional confrontation, Arizona unleashed the truth on a broken-hearted and confused Callie.


She had never forgiven Callie for allowing her leg to be amputated. All the recovery, all the reconnecting they worked so hard to do, couldn’t erase the trauma and resentment that had built up inside Arizona. Calzona’s future is totally up in the air, and based on tweets and comments by Shonda and the cast, it appears that we will be waiting for resolution for some time to come. In a sneak peak clip released via TVLine, we see the doctors discussing whether of not to close the emergency room due to the effects of the storm. Most of the major players are there including a particularity plucky MerDer, an over the moon Bailey (and Bailey Jr.) and the feuding Calzona.




Owen pops into the post delivery room to consult with the board, most of whom are cooing over little Bailey. Meredith is ready to spring into action, but her spleen and Derek disagree. Richard isn’t answering his pages, but no one appears to be alarmed quite yet.  Jackson stops by to announce that Dr. Boswell is on her way to the airport, and when Cristina asks who the hell Dr. Boswell is, Callie takes the liberty of letting her know. “She’s the woman Arizona slept with last night.”


Oh shit. Did you hear that sound? It was the collective wail of thousands of lesbian shippers howling, “Calzoooooooonaaaaaa” at the moon. Whatever Shonda and Co. have planned for this sason of Grey’s Anatomy, it’s bound to rip our hearts to shreds while still being superb storytelling. That’s why the show is going into its 10th season. Nothing is easy, and everything hurts. Yet somehow, it draws us in with its wonderful writing and compelling characters. Right now, things don’t look good for Callie and Arizona. Arizona obviously needs much more help dealing with her PTSD, something that was painfully lacking last season. Callie will need to make some major, heart-wrenching decisions. Move on and try to heal on her own, or stand by her wife. (If that is even what Arizona wants at this point. Who knows.) The lesbian drama is almost too much to bear. What would you like to see this season?

Grey’s Anatomy’s 10th season begins Thursday, September 26th on ABC, 9pm EST.  

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