Morning Brew – Mary Lambert and Michelle Chamuel are writing a song together


Good morning and Happy Friday!

There’s only one tiny glimpse of Kalinda in this new Good Wife preview but I’m still pretty excited about the new season.

The new writer of Batwoman says DC is not anti-gay. Marc Andreyko told Newsarama:

“Any claims of homophobia against DC are completely ridiculous. I’ve been an out gay creator my entire career, and I’ve had nothing but support — and, if anything, pushing from DC to do more. So no, they’ve been one of the most consistently great places for not only LGBT characters, but for creators as well. They’re ahead of the curve with the country, as far as that goes.”

Nicola Stephenson is joining the cast of Waterloo Road. You might remember her as the woman who kissed Anna Friel on Brookside. Perhaps she’ll have some run-ins with Heather Peace.

Lucy Spraggan talked about her girlfriend with Metro UK:

“She comes on tour with me and we’ve got a dog so he comes away with us too. She’s cool, she doesn’t get jealous, no jel just reem.”

The Daily Beast interviewed Mary Lambert where she talked about how she receives more negative comments about her weight than her sexuality. (People are idiots.) In some good news, she shared this tidbit:

Well I watched The Voice last season and thought Michelle [Chamuel] was amazing and adorable. I emailed her, and we’re going to write a song together.

A duet? Should be interesting!

Mary also went on CBC and answered how she felt about those who think Macklemore is profiting off of gays with “Same Love.”

“The song is not appropriating the gay struggle, it’s coming from his point of view which is an ally. You can’t get frustrated at people who are trying to use their platform in a positive way.”

GLAAD Manhattan Summer 2013 Benefit

Another Hillary Clinton lesbian rumor is making the rounds, and this time it’s from Gennifer Flowers, aka one of Bill’s ex-mistresses, making the claim. Then the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer said she could be “our first lesbian President,” which he clearly meant as a diss. I doubt anyone will be deterred by these ridiculous people. Right Hill?

Hillary Clinton Receives Honorary Degree At St Andrews University

Amber Tamblyn went on HuffPost Live yesterday to talk about playing a lesbian on Two and a Half Men, where she said her character being gay is “a secondary conversation.” She also says she’s not a cliche, which is “a real treat.”

Meshell Ndegeocello released a rad new video for her song “Suzanne.”

Missy Higgins penned a track for a Burning Man movie soundtrack. The song, “We Ride,” is in the documentary called Spark: A Burning Man Story.

Two of the Real Housewives of Miami discuss their “real feelings” for one another in this clip. I think that they just don’t know what real friendships are and when they actually like another woman, they think it has to be some kind of sexual thing.

I like how the one says she’s a “half-lesbian” and wanted to know a good word for that. NO ONE TELL HER.

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