Afternoon Delight: Ellen DeGeneres explains the pros and cons of hosting the Oscars


Today is a day that the US will never forget. I’m sending love and light to everyone who is remembering the horrific 911 attacks.

OK, on with the show….

Happy birthday to Ariana Richards, Virginia Madsen, Taraji P. Henson, Anne Ramsay, Kristy McNichol, Amy Madigan and my sister Audrey!

Check out Sara Gilbert‘s new look for Bad Teacher (via her fiance Linda Perry).

Ellen DeGeneres shares her list of pros and cons of hosting the Oscars.

Spring Breakers actress Vanessa Hudgens graces the cover of October’s Marie Claire.


Glee’s Dianna Agron worked the red carpet at the New York premiere of her film The Family.

Speaking of Agron, tomorrow night she will sit down with Jimmy Kimmell Live and her Glee costar Amber Riley will stop by The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 

I came across this headline and was greatly concerned: “A Prince Paid $500,000 to Hang Out with Kristen Stewart for 15 Minutes.” WTF?

Attention Portia de Rossi fans! Arrested Development is spreading throughout the world.

Courtney Love threw some shade at Katy Perry but gives her stamp of approval to Miley Cyrus, saying, “I like Miley, frankly. That hillbilly Miley Cyrus is sort of punk in a weird sex way.” That is one strange compliment.

Gay ally and superstar Kylie Minogue will be coaching on The Voice UK.

The latest episode of The Jillian Michaels Show is up and running.

Yesterday Mila Kunis posed during the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. Kunis is promoting her new film Third Person.

"Third Person" Portraits - 2013 Toronto International Film Festival

Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Ruby Rose is sharing her blood type with the world! (I’m B+.)

Chaz Bono stopped by The Doctors to show off his 65-pound thinner physique.

Next Monday, September 16 Britney Spears will be debuting her latest single “Work Bitch.” (It sounds like a love song.) If you’re interested in what Spears is dishing out, tune into Clear Channel’s at 6 p.m. ET.

Gay skater Johnny Weir is speaking out against the Olympic boycott.

Tweet of the Day!

Today’s tweet comes from out writer/comedian Jill Kushner.

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