“Rookie Blue” recap (4.11): Champagne for my real friends


Previously on Rookie Blue, Andy, the closest thing Gail Peck had to a female friend, betrayed her trust by sleeping with Nick, Gail’s ex-boyfriend.

Speaking of Nick and Andy, we open with them being all nekkid. Andy, it seems, has gotten a tattoo since the last time she exposed her ribcage. (Or I wasn’t paying attention last time? That second option seems far less likely.)

Rookie Blue 411-1

Over at the Rookie Den, Gail and Dov are sitting at the kitchen table looking positively exhausted. So tired, in fact, they call each other slitty. No, that’s not a typo. You know, like when you’re so tired your eyes are slitty? See, they’ve had to pull three all-nighters in a row for this new case they’ve been working on. Poor babies. Chris, however, is not on this operation and is as chipper as can be. It’s Friday, and he wants to party after shift. Dov is quick to agree – anything for his buddy ol’ pal. Gail shoots him eye-daggers for encouraging non-sleeping after-work activities. When Chris skips off to another room, Dov convinces Gail that Chris is still reeling from losing what he thought was his son, they need to rally. To friendship!

Rookie Blue 411-2

The case Gail, Dov, and a few other members of 15 Division are working on is called Operation Driftnet, and it’s purpose is to get a crew of drug dealers off the street. Dov and Gail are undercover together, and are sent after a confirmed drug purchaser on Nash and Swarek’s go-ahead. Before they get him, Dov asks Gail if she thinks he’s a runner or a puncher. She thinks he’s a crier, and a few lies later, sure enough, they got his sob story.

Rookie Blue 411-3

 Meanwhile, poor Marlo has become manic, obsessing over the pedophile they brought in but had to release due to lack of evidence. The creep ends up getting attacked, and a neighbor had seen him and Marlo fighting not too long before that. Andy finds out and sends Swarek to do what he can by way of damage control, breaking yet another girl-code (this time in a good way) and telling Swarek that Marlo is bipolar, a secret she swore to keep. When she drops Marlo off at her therapist, she finds out that Marlo had actually been INSIDE the creep’s house two nights prior and went through his computer, without wearing gloves, because she was so focused on proving the guy was guilty, she forgot simple rules like “never leave fingerprints when you’re doing something illegal.” Swarek realizes it’s too late to get rid of Marlo’s prints, so he asks Andy to break into a secret file and make a fake entry that would give Marlo a legitimate reason for being there. He begs Andy to do it, saying that if she won’t do it for Marlo, she has to do it for him. Andy does it, but it absolutely tears her up inside to be breaking the rules.

Rookie Blue 411-4

Back at Operation Driftnet, Nash has called Steve Peck for help, since Swarek abandoned his post, and Steve is on the guns and gang team. He decides that the best plan of action is to try to get the whole team of baddies on conspiracy to commit murder, without backup, PUTTING MY PRECIOUS ROOKIES IN DANGER.

Luckily, despite a full two minutes of me holding my breath, shaky cams, and really dramatic music, they ambush and surround the dirtbags with the guns and arrest them.

Back at the precinct, Swarek corners Andy and thanks her for breaking the rules for him. He says they did a good thing, that a pedophile and the man who attacked him are behind bars. She looks him in those big, sad, puppy eyes and says she’s sick of playing by his rules. He says thanks anyway, but she tells him that she didn’t do it for him.

Rookie Blue 411-5

Nick and Andy meet up in the locker room, but Nick says he kind of needs a night to just sleep, so they go their separate ways. Later, though, Andy finds him in a bar, and asks if she can tell him about her horrible day instead of spending the night apart. He orders two more beers and they talk, like old times, without the sexytimes.

Gail and Dov come home to see their kitchen full of booze, snacks, and Solo cups. As they brace themselves for a party they really don’t have the energy for, we see Chris in the bathroom, talking to his ex, giving her tips on how to get Christian to sleep. He tells her that it’s hard, hard on all of them, and you can see the stitches in his heart being tugged at. After he hangs up, he pulls himself together and goes out into the kitchen, where everyone is putting on a brave face for one another.

Rookie Blue 411-6

What did you think of “Deception”?

I know there was no Holly this week, but I assure you this storyline has not been abandoned.

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