“Venice: The Series” recap (4.4): Enragement Party


This week on Venice: The Series, our plucky protagonists manage to get themselves into a few pickles, none of which is placed deliciously in a Bloody Mary at Malbec. Dept. Brandon is stressed. You see, his girlfriend Guya is kind of in denial that her dipshit son Van is a dipshit. Brandon thinks Van may have been in cahoots with Sammie but he doesn’t know how to break it to his lady love. That is a hell of a gherkin, Det. Brandon.

I see dead people!!! Oh wait, it’s just Owen. (Hi Owen)  He’s stuck in heaven’s reception area filling out oodles of paperwork. Side note, heaven does not have internet yet. Not even dial up. As Owen dutifully dots his I’s and crosses his T’s, he wonders aloud to his angel social worker if he will get to see his mother soon. Aww, poor Owen. Stuck between a rock and a dead place. Before the angel can even proofread Owen’s paperwork, they get a message via paper airplane that Owen needs to stay right where he is for the time being.

Owen does paperwork in heaven

New locale alert! Gina is boozing it up alone at the Venice Ale House. Apparently Adrienne used to work there, but she’s mysteriously left town. Gina barely has time to ponder this when Logan approaches her, wearing the most villainous blouse ever. A lacy turtleneck.  Shudder. She is not messing with the evil vibes today. Logan drops a bomb that Gina’s reputation is in the toilet, and she’d like to reach in and help her pull it from the swirling abyss. Gina would rather eat the glass that holds her vodka than go there.


Det. Brandon and his partner discuss Sammie’s whereabouts, or rather, lack thereof. She’s gone off the grid. No phone, no credit cards, nothing. All signs pointed to a crime of passion, but the way she disappeared into thin air raises the suspicion of premeditation. They determine the only way Sammie could have pulled this off, was if she had help.

Ani and Lara’s engagement party is still in full swing. The first chance Ani gets though, she pulls her brother aside and tells him that he shouldn’t have thrown this party. She tells him that she and Lara were trying to keep the engagement on the down low. Considering Lara looks like she wants to shout her love for Ani from the rooftops, Jake calls Ani on her bullshit. The only one who wants to keep their engagement a secret is Ani, he suggests.

Logan begins rubbing up on Gina like she’s made of catnip, and suggests she can take Gina’s mind off her troubles. They did it in a hot tub in Aspen once, so, there you go. Gina explains politely that they never really connected, which is lesbian code for “you are a bad lay.” Nonetheless, Logan really hurt Gina in the end and she’s not willing to revisit that drama today, so she takes off.


Gina is frantically searching through drawers when the Colonel comes home. Shockingly, he wants to talk about Sara, and Gina nips that in the bud.  You see, she has no time to talk about her long lost daughter, because she is busy looking for her mother’s engagement ring. Now that Owen is gone, Gina calls dibs. Gina has this wild idea that proposing to Ani is a good idea. Little does she know that Ani’s ring finger is otherwise occupied.

Back at the party, Lara is drinking ginger ale and Jake tries to push some champagne on her. She politely declines and tells him she gave up the sauce for Ani. He recalls when Lara tossed out the empty vodka bottles earlier that day, and gives her a face like, “bitch, please.” He then takes a sip directly from the champagne bottle. Gross, dude. Meanwhile, Jamie pulls Ani aside and tells her she ought to tell Gina about the engagement, like ASAP before she finds out from another less savory source. Ani knows she needs to but doesn’t want to hurt Gina. Just then Lara walks over and interrupts their chamber of secrets. She asks Ani why she cares so damn much about Gina’s feeling and not at all about hers, and walks off.


Lara by the way looks like she rifled though the Lost Girl wardrobe department and walked off with one of Bo’s ensembles. She is wearing it well too.  We didn’t get to see too much of it last week, but it’s pretty damn incredible. Ani rushes in to apologize and Lara suggests that she’s been pretty tolerant of this ex-girlfriend co-dependent sitch up until now. Ani agrees and promises to let Gina take care of her self from now on. She reiterates her commitment to Lara.

The Colonel tries to reason with Gina about the proposal. He tells her that the ring should go to someone who loves her back, and since Ani didn’t respond to the letter, she must not feel the same. Gina is like, love, indifference, it’s all just semantics to me. She tells her father that she needs to put it all out on the line and if Ani says no, at least she will know how she truly feels. The Colonel seems satisfied with that answer and fetches the ring. Side note: This scene was beautifully acted and is one of my favorites of the entire series.


A photographer corners Ani and Lara, and Ani protests because she prefers to be on the other end of the lens. Lara flashes her a look with those magic eyes and they pose for the damn pictures. During this, it seems as if now everyone in Venice is now hanging at Malbec. Logan slithers in somehow and bitches about Ani to Alan, who also found his way in through a crack in the foundation. Logan asks what the hell Gina sees in Ani, and Alan gives her some side eye and sass. Hello, have you gazed upon Ani, he asks.


Gina bursts into Malbec because her spidey senses tell her that this is where Ani is. Jamie tries to cut her off at the pass by saying that Ani isn’t there, but Gina catches a glimpse of her. She marches over to Ani, oblivious to the flurry of activity and “Happy Engagement” cheesecake or whatever they are cutting.  The whole room freaks the hell out.  It’s terrifically awkward and all their faces are amazing.  Here is a collection.





Gina puts herself between Ani and the cake, and Ani looks like she wishes she could hide underneath the table. She’s sitting with her engagement ring, obviously showing, but it’s unclear if it registers with Gina. Gina stands in front of her former lover like they are the only two people in the world.

“Ani?” Gina asks softly.

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