Morning Brew – Rooney Mara replaces Mia Wasikowska in “Carol”


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In some news I am particularly excited about, Rooney Mara will be playing the lead in Carol, Todd Haynes Price of Salt adaptation. Mia Wasikowska was supposed to play Therese, the shop girl who falls for an older married woman, but it appears she’s dropped out, with Rooney cast to replace her. I like Mia but I love Rooney, who is certainly no stranger to playing gay. Her older lover, Carol, is to be played by Cate Blanchett, which should be a very interesting match. If you have yet to read Patricia Highsmith’s novel the movie will be based on, do it!

2013 Los Angeles Film Festival - "Ain't Them Bodies Saints" Premiere

Passion opens this weekend, and EW gave it a C. We’ll have our own review of it for you to read before you see it, too.

If you are dying to know more about this week’s Pretty Little Liars reveal, check out this spoilery interview with Marlene King.

Speaking of PLL, the show’s fashion guru Mandi Line talked with Alloy about Season 4 style trends, and she thinks Emily wins for best dressed this year.

Out actor/producer Joanna Johnson and her family are on the cover of Gay Parent magazine this month, and what a beautiful family that is!


A writer at Slate details her experience at Mich Fest. Suffice to say she’s a huge fan.

If you love Clea DuVall, you might want to get Argo on DVD Dec. 3 because there are some extra documentaries about the making of the film and she’s involved.

Susan Mikula is showing some of her work at The Brandstater  Gallery at La Sierra University in Riverside, California in September.

If you were ever a fan of Melissa Ferrick‘s “The Juliana Hatfield Song (Girls With Guitars),” you’ll be interested to hear the backstory of this song, and the song that inspired it. Spin has an oral history of the Juliana Hatfield Three song “My Sister” and Melissa Ferrick’s “response” song. Juliana Hatfield told Spin:

I remember people telling me, like, “Oh, check this out, Melissa Ferrick’s bitter about your success.” People would sing it back to me, “She doesn’t even have a sister.” [Laughs] I don’t think I ever heard it. I just felt bad. I felt like, I don’t want to hurt anybody. It’s not my fault the song’s getting played. I didn’t try to fool anyone into thinking I had a sister. It was just this weird little song with no chorus. So that song took me by surprise. All this attention was suddenly on me and it was bewildering.

Melissa sees it differently.

It actually wasn’t meant as a “diss” at all. I was and am a fan of Juliana’s. We were both on Atlantic along with about 14 other female songwriters. I was brand new and was annoyed by the whole, “There are so many girls with guitars and we are all the same” thing [in the press], so I wrote the song as a sarcastic response, a joke really. The song got a little press, a “blip” on the radar for me. What sucked about it was, I think people thought I was hating on Juliana, and I wasn’t coming from that place at all. It was meant more as a general statement on the scene at the time.

And that’s why we don’t name songs after specific people.

Are female friendships lesbianish? I’d say that’s a stretch, but perhaps you Rizzoli & Isles fans would disagree.

SheWired ran a poll for the Best Lesbian Couple on Summer TV and Stef and Lena of The Fosters came in first.

Photographer Sophia Wallace was inspired by Oscar Wilde and dandy culture for this awesome series, as featured on HuffPo.


If you have yet to pick up the September issue of Vogue with JLaw on the cover, it might interest you to know that Jodie Foster offers some commentary in the profile of the Hunger Games star. Like this:

“It’s one of the things that I love about her the most—her rapid-fire teenage-boy-humor brain.”

14th Annual Hollywood Awards Gala - Show

Also interviewed, Trish Summerville, who designed Jennifer’s Catching Fire attire as well as Rooney Mara’s Girl with the Dragon Tattoo look. Oh look, here’s Trish (great name) in the current Wildfang campaign.


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