5 things we want to see in the “Pretty Little Liars” summer finale


Pretty Little Liars #WorldWarA

The Pretty Little Liars summer finale is finally upon us and we are so psyched/nervous, we can hardly sit still. If you haven’t seen the promo of the main event, here it is:

So, knowing what we know (and having lived through six half-season finales now!), here are 5 things we really want to see during #WorldWarA:

5. Emily begging Paige to forgive her

I mean, she’s clearly on her knees in front of Paige in that promo video, begging Paige to delude herself into thinking this A thing is really almost over. (Or maybe she’s proposing marriage?) Either way, enough denying your puffy drapes destiny, Fields.

4. Paily sexytimes

Is it too much to ask for the scissor times not to be metaphorical?

3. Big Answers to Big Questions

At various times on various Twitters, Pretty Little Liars‘ writers/actors have hinted that these things will be solved in the 4A finale:

Whose hand was coming out of Ali’s grave?

Who is Wilden’s real killer?

Is Ali really dead or really alive?

2. The actual biggest reveal ever

Bigger than the fact that Tippi the Bird exists? OK, PLL. If you say so.

1. #BooRadleyVanCullen fever dreams until January









What do you most want to see during #WorldWarA?

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