“Rookie Blue” recap (4.10): The Elephant in the Room


Previously on Rookie Blue, Andy slept with Nick, even though he’s Gail’s ex, but it’s OK because Gail and Holly had the cutest flirtationship on the show to date.

This week, Oliver and Gail are investigating a domestic disturbance that seems to be a standard screaming match. They send the couple on their way, but before they leave, Oliver wants to check out the house next door, because he smells something skunky. Sure enough, when they pry open a window into the house’s basement, they see a forest of pot plants. Not bad for what was supposed to be a boring call. They get excited about their find, and Oliver says they should celebrate by buying something. He suggests shoes, but Gail’s eyes light up and she says, “And weapons!” Shoes and weapons. Love that girl.

Oliver and Gail investigate a domestic disturbance

Back at the precinct, Andy is being even more awkward than usual, trying to force casually normal and ending up with weirdly formal with Nick. See, she’s freaking out because she doesn’t want Gail to find out about her and Nick before they can talk to her. Nick suggests telling her right this very second, anything to get Andy to calm the eff down. Andy says that it should be her that does it, even though it looks like the very thought of telling Gail makes her want to vomit.


Andy is making tea when Gail sidles up next to her to make her own. Andy starts making uncomfortable small talk about how they both put cream in their tea (which, ew) and Gail calls her out on her twitchiness. Andy starts rambling and Gail’s eyes start to ice over. She interrupts her energetic friend to tell her to just spill it already. Andy panics and hugs her, causing Gail’s eyes to grow wide. Hugging is not really her thing. Andy loses her nerve and and disappears, leaving a very confused Gail in her wake.

Andy and Gail are sent to the secret pot garden to clear out the house, work that is clearly beneath the benevolent Gail Peck. Andy is still being super weird and Gail is beyond over it. Not wanting to incur the wrath of Gail, Andy starts to confess, but is interrupted by exclamation of pain. Gail had spilled some industrial cleaner on her wrist. Gail burned herself before Andy could do it for her.

At the hospital, Andy is doting on Gail and finally Gail demands that she just spill what she’s been trying to say all day. Andy sputters a bit, but Gail stops her and points, asking Andy about an elephant in the room. Andy (and I) thought she was being metaphorical and sassy at first, but then she turned around and there is a literal stuffed elephant on the counter. Confused, Andy hands the toy to Gail, who goes from admiring to being terrified of it in a matter of seconds. It is suddenly clear that the painkillers have kicked in, and Andy quickly abandons her plans for confession as Gail starts to stroke her own hair.


Gail starts singing like an angel, using a hospital lamp as a spotlight, when finally Andy just can’t take it anymore. She blurts out that she slept with Nick. Gail considers her for a moment before telling her that she already knew. Andy is a bit startled by this. All day she had been letting her trip over her own words and agonize over telling her, and she knew all along? Gail doesn’t know what Andy wants from her. She offers to cry, if that’s what she was expecting, her words sharp enough that I’m surprised Andy wasn’t the one to start crying.

Feeling quite over it, Gail tells McNally that she’s harshing her vibe, man, and tells her to get out. She asks fairly nicely the first time (by Gail’s standards), but when Andy turns back to try to talk to her one more time, Gail turns on the GTFO voice real fast.

When Gail is released from the hospital, she’s a little taken aback that Andy is still there, waiting for her. Andy is partially there to make sure she’s okay, but her reason is also partially selfish. She needs to know if Gail is really OK with Andy and Nick being together, she wants to know if they have her blessing. The time for blessing is past, though, and Gail—tears glistening in her eyes—says it’s too late; Andy broke one of the golden the rules of friendship. But Gail has no plans to torment her about it. She looks at Andy’s face, forces a smile through her pained expression, and knows that Andy is punishing herself enough for the both of them. She’s the bad guy for once, not Gail. The heartache is easy to see on Gail’s face, but it’s hard to tell if it’s from the loss of Nick or from Andy’s betrayal. Most likely it’s both.


Gail sees Holly come in just then, and collects herself. She tells Andy that her (insert pause long enough for my imagination to run away with me) real friend is here now. And for Andy McNally, that was the cruelest thing Gail could have said. She watches, crushed, as Gail leaves with Holly, never turning back.


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