“The Bridge” recap (1.7): Destino


This week brought us the most WTF episode of The Bridge to date. That is saying quite a lot for a show that has already brought us two women cut in half and a horse swinging from the rafters. (RIP Rio.) I actually had to crack open a beer in order to just tackle the opening sequence. THE OPENING SEQUENCE!

Well, there is no pussyfooting around this. I’ve got to tackle it, head on. Ray, wearing his best frat-boy grin, swaggers up to Graciella’s car to collect Charlotte’s share of the tunnel money, and to propose another partnership with her. He’s got a guy with a lot of big guns to unload, and he’d like to unload them in her tunnel.  All this talk of tunnels must have made the old gal a little randy because she asks Ray his opinion on oral sex. Ray shrugs and says he’s in favor of it. In a moment that made me scramble across the living room to gather my eyeballs and place them back in my head, Graciella swings her legs open like she’s about to ride off into the sunset. (Again, RIP Rio.) Ray, much to his chagrin, is about to be her horse. Before she says yes to the gun smuggling, Ray is going to have to show off his skills. She probably could have just asked Charlotte, but they aren’t on the best terms. Anyway, Ray hunkers down and gets to it. This really happened, dear readers. Please roll the credits!

Graciella and Ray in "The Bridge" Season 1 Episode 7

A Sonya’s place, Marco is walking around shirtless and leaving coffee mug rings on all of Sonya’s perfectly neat surfaces. She’s obsessively looking for cars that match that of the killer, and Marco tells her that perhaps she should go with her gut.  Sonya flashed him a look that says, “I only listen to my gut when it’s saying ‘dinner time.'” He tells her he’s going back home to try to talk with Alma. She wishes him luck with that bright idea.

Good ol’ bumbling Deputy Stokes is sitting in the orthodontist’s chair, finally getting his braces off.  He finds himself transfixed by a photograph on the wall. Stokes is deep, man. Did you know that? Neither did I.


Back at the Ruiz House of Pain and Infidelity, Marco is trying to soften Alma’s heart. She accused him of sleeping with Sonya, an accusation he vehemently denies. He’s just lounging around her apartment, shirtless, eating her Ramen. That’s all. Alma doesn’t buy it, or she doesn’t care, and tells him to be gone by the time she gets back. “By the way,” she says, “Gus is flunking out of school.”

Ray is wearing a snorkeling mask, swimming away in Charlotte’s pool. Charlotte appears, and is all legs. It’s a sight to behold. Ray flips off his mask and confirms that yes, he met with Graciella and got the money. He does not however, mention the guns or cunnilingus. He then proceeds to dive under again.


Sonya gets a break in tracking the murderers car to a suspect, a guy named Jack Childress. She and Marco show up at his house, but he’s not there. They do find a shitload of guns and a manuscript titles “Dialectics of El Paso del Norte.” The killer spoke to Frye of dialectics and this could mean that Sony and Marco are on the right track. Marco wants to call in the Task Force, but Sonya says not yet. The walls have ears and if one of their own is still involves, this could get ugly, fast. Childress drives up to his house and sees the police vehicles. He tears off back up the road.

We find out why Alma is not in a big rush to make nice with Marco. Looks like she and the bossman have a romantic, seedy hotel rendezvous set up.  She goes to kiss him, but he tells her that maybe they should wait until it’s right. You know, after she’s divorced. Oh man, this guy is in love. She laughs and tells him it’s not as simple as that. She kisses him and they do it like grown ups. With their clothes on.


Linder is back, and besides a beet red eye and some scratches, he’s doing alright. He’s in Juarez, meeting with the woman who sets up his missions.  She has a job for him, and this one is personal. Her daughter Sara is caught up with some bad people, and she wants Linder’s help to rescue her. He’s reluctant because he’s not entirely sure that Sara wants to be thrown in the trunk of his car and driven to Brother Bob’ Ranch. The woman begins to cry, and Linder agrees to at least talk to her daughter.  Linder has no idea what’s in store. Turns out that Sara is Fausto Galvan’s girl. Galvan is getting a suit tailored while she bounces around the store. When the tailor says something off color, Galvan burns his bald head with a cigar. He and Sara walk out onto the street and engage in some nauseating, lip biting kisses. She goes off alone, and Linder grabs her by the arm.


She kicks him, and asks if he’s the “stupid gringo” that works for his mother. Linder, who sounds more than ever like he’s smuggling a mouthful of malted milk balls, says yes and he wants to help. He doesn’t know who her boyfriend is, but when Galvan’s car comes screeching down the alley, he soon finds out. Linder manages to escape before Galvan can pump him full of lead.

Frye is in bad shape. He’s got the DTs big time. He’s shaking so bad that he can’t even hold his Pop Tarts without dropping them on the floor. Adriana is rather unsympathetic, because she wants to keep moving on the story. He tells her to go on without him to investigate Childress’s connection. He’s kind of falling apart at the moment and would be no help to anyone.


Lt Wade and Cooper find Childress’s car abandoned in front of a trailer park. They call Sonya and Marco to meet them, and go door to door to see if he’s hiding out. Deputy Stokes ambles up to the scene and Lt. Wade tells him to guard the entrance. It’s kind of sweet that Lt. Wade tries to make the guy feel included. They knock on a woman’s trailer, but it’s just her and her Chihuahua mix, Seabisuit. Seabiscuit squeeze out the door to go and terrorize the neighborhood. Next they come across a naked dude (well he was wearing a sock) rocking out to some dubstep. Deputy Stokes runs up to Sonya with some evidence he’s found. He holds up a bone saw, the kind perfect for cutting a person, or persons in half.  Lt. Wade and Cooper question naked guy and find out he knows Childress and he’s not far. Stokes strikes up a conversation with a less than patient Marco.


He mentions he got his braces off, and while there he had this crazy daydream about—well, we don’t get to hear the rest because Deputy Stokes gets his FACE BLOWN COMPLETELY OFF!!! Marco is covered in blood and there is a mad panic as the police scatter to find cover.  Lt. Wade and Cooper risk their own lives to pull Deputy Stokes’s body to cover.

Marco wants to go and get Childress, but back up is 20 minutes away. They know if they don’t act, they run the risk of losing Childress, so they decide to take the risk. Sonya tries to distract the killer buy calling his cell phone. He actually picks up and talks to Sonya while she runs to cover. She tells him that she can stop the police from killing him if he talks to her, and puts herself in the line of fire. She asks him why he is doing these terrible things. Childress replies that he is the truth, and the truth must be set free. Over the phone, Sonya hears Seabiscuit in the background, barking and getting closer. When the small dog runs past her, she knows the killer is right on her tail. She turns and they face each other, guns drawn.


Both pull their triggers.  Sonya and Childress are both wearing Kevlar so the shots are not fatal, and Marco has a chance to rush in and incapacitate Childress. In pain and in shock, Sonya passes out in Lt. Wade’s arms.

Back at the station, Sonya sits staring at Childress who is handcuffed in an interrogation room. Marco announces that they’ve got the killer, but Sonya isn’t too sure. Childress is clearly not in his right mind, and whoever the killer is, is a calculated, patient man. She goes to the room and asks Childress, why did he stay when he could have escaped the scene when he had the chance. He replies that his job wasn’t done. He was hired to kill “the Mexican.”


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Charlotte delivers Cesar his salary, plus his cut of the tunnel. She asks him if he thinks she’s doing the right thing. He tells her, this isn’t about a right or wrong thing.  She has no choice.  Before she departs, he expresses his concern about Ray dealing with Graciella. He tells her the dynamic was different with her Karl and the woman, that he had some sort of control over her. Later, flopping around on a desk with her legs wrapped around Ray’s neck, Charlotte asks if she can trust him. Puzzled and otherwise occupied, he says sure.

Frye gets a call from Adriana asking for his help in running a story and he collapses onto the ground and has a seizure. Sonya, feeling torn apart and vulnerable herself, steps out of the shower. She walks toward the mirror to inspect the huge purple bruise the bullet left, right above her heart. It sinks in, that she may indeed be breakable.


What did you think of this week’s The Bridge?

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