“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (4.09): Take your son to work day


Back in the office Jane has pieced together that Tori is Victoria and their killer was indeed hiding in plain sight. So Korsak is definitely not getting puppy love from Dr. Nolan back at his place. So they spring into action. Will they save him in the nick of time? Please, I’ve already got five Blue Moons chilling in the cooler for when they’re done.

Dr. Murder & Son are talking big about all the unpleasant things they’re going to do to Korsak. She blames him for cutting Hoyt’s killer career short. She’s also very bossy, ordering her son to use this blade and that. Do this and that first. Korsak catches on and starts egging him on about being his mom’s lackey. All the while she’s bossing him in the background. Until finally he explodes and tells her to shut up.


But junior picked a bad time for some natural child rebellion, because Mama shoots him in the gut for his insubordination. It might be a little late, but could I suggest family therapy?

Just then Jane bursts in with guns blazing, literally. She clips Dr. Nolan in the shoulder and saves the day. She’s alive, and so is her son. But she tells the detectives to just let him die because he always reminded her of her father anyway. OK, so definitely too late for family therapy then. Jane frees Korsak and repays her life debt with a smile and a handshake.


Case solved, bad guys arrested and/or pumped full of lead, the team convenes on Korsak’s porch for some puppy snuggles and product placement. Korsak says he would have shot them through the butts for hurting his dogs, which of course only makes us like him more. Seeing the gang – Jane, Maura, Frankie, Korsak and Frost – all like that together and smiling is truly bittersweet. Thanks for always being one of the good guys, Mr. Young.


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