“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (4.09): Take your son to work day


In the interviews Hoyt mentioned the Cleveland doctor and wife killing from 1988, which he couldn’t have committed because he was off training elsewhere. So that case is now the key, or shall we say cufflink, to solving the new murders. They uncover the doctor’s cufflink – with its rod of Asclepius, not Caduceus – is consistent with the burn patterns and missing from one wrist.

Back at Korsak’s place, Dr. Nolan meets his rescue pups Starsky & Hutch. She seems genuinely touched by his love of his dogs and for a split second you think they might have a love connection. But Korsak is no lucky dog. Well, except when it comes to his dogs. Those are some cute mutts.


The team delves more deeply into the case and discovers the surviving 14-year-old daughter, Tori, had recently given birth. Putting the pieces together they realize the doctor was abusing his daughter and no one reported it or her birth because they all worked for him at the hospital. Way to go health care system. I don’t know why, but I blame Obama. (Not really, yay, hope and change.)

Things have taken a decided turn for the worse at Korsak’s place. They’re all in the basement, and by all I mean Dr. Nolan, her quiet assistant and Korsak. The latter is chained up and has just been shown Dr. Nolan’s confession about killing her parents in 1988. She was the 14-year-old daughter. Um, hold up. I’m no math genius but that was 25 years ago. Add 25 to 14 and you get 39. I think Jessica Tuck looks amazing. But she’s 50 and does not look 39.


Though, on the plus side, I’m all for actresses playing younger than their age. Why not. If men can do it and act like it’s perfectly acceptable to have onscreen love interests 20 to 30 years their junior then why the hell not. OK, sorry, got off on a feminist hear me roar track there. Back to Korsak’s impending torture and murder.

Dr. Nolan has a not entirely unjustified chip on her shoulder about law enforcement. Because as a teenager she was repeatedly raped and abused by her father, but hospital workers and police did nothing to help her. Her child was explained away as an orphan left on their office doorstep and put up for adoption. Oh, and that child is the creepy quiet assistant. Hey, if you put money on both of them in the pool you’re rich now.


So they became a crazy psychopathic serial killing team. Mother-son bonding at its finest. Just then one of Korsak’s new puppies waddles into the basement. OH MY GOD DO NOT HURT THAT PUPPY. I mean it, if anything bad happens to that puppy I will stop watching this show. It’s already awful enough knowing Dr. Nolan desensitized her son to violence by teaching him how to kill puppies.

Korsak chokes out a don’t and I feel bad at how relieved I am when she says, “We’re not here for the puppy, we’re here for you.”


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