“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (4.09): Take your son to work day


The test identifies three detectives, including Pompous Guy, who tried to cheat the test based off their official police records personality test. Korsak says he’ll bring them in for questioning. Then he asks Maura how Jane is doing. See, everyone just knows. She says she’s OK, and then asks Korsak. He was, after all, the one who saved Jane from Hoyt the first time. He says that was the worst night of his life and he wished he’s have killed the SOB.

But Korsak can’t interview Pompous Guy because Pompous Guy is now Dead Guy. They found his body on campus and it has the same burn mark as the other bodies. But instead of copying Hoyt, this time the culprit copied another of Dr. Nolan’s profiled serial killers. Maura breaks the news to her at The Dirty Robber. Hey, that’s where you take Jane. Not creepy authors who are obviously involved in the murders in some way. Dr. Nolan is all, “Is this about me? Me, me, me, me.” See, she’s not even a good dinner companion.


Maura asks if the third and final killer profiled in her book could be the next to be copied. The killer was a seemingly perfect family man who chained his victims to a wall and drove knives, nails and scalpels through their hands and feet while they were still alive. So, yeah, maybe don’t invite him to be part of the neighborhood watch.

They discuss serial killer statistics, because it’s Maura, and then Dr. Nolan says law enforcement is unlikely to serve as a deterrent to their actions. Maura’s face says, “Oh, honey, you haven’t spent enough time with Det. Jane Rizzoli.”

Jane arrives back at her apartment only to find Frankie on the couch already. He’s such a sweetheart, that little brother. Then, shortly after, Mama R barges in with food and motherly concern. Looks like the Rizzolis all had a talk with Maura about how stubborn Jane was being about staying at her own place. Mama R pulls out a box of chocolates and Frankie and Jane revert to being gradeschoolers immediately. Be cuter, this family.


In the autopsy room again, Maura takes another impression of the burn mark. This time it’s clearer and she concludes that it looks like the rod of Asclepius, not to be confused with the Caduceus. Because who would do that? Non-geniuses like Maura, that’s who. It’s a medical symbol.

The detectives look up cases with similar burn patterns and uncover six starting back in 1988, then resuming in 1999. The first was a prominent Cleveland doctor and his wife. Their teenage daughter survived by hiding in the closet. Not to be critical of the research department, but everyone in that picture’s hair would have been way, way bigger in 1988.


Korsak greets Dr. Nolan and her quietly subservient assistant in the café. She has made copies of all her interviews with the killers for the detectives, or more accurately she made her minion do it. She wants to check out the latest crime scene and Korsak says he’ll go with her, but first he has to go check on his latest batch of rescue puppies. Dr. Nolan invites herself along because “it would be so good to just pet an animal today.” Spidey sense warning bells, activate.

He leaves the interview DVDs for Jane and the crew to listen to. Maura offers to take the Hoyt batch, but Jane wants to be all stoic. Ever the vigilant girlfriend, Maura keeps an eye out for Jane who is off having a day-mare about Hoyt. She mouths, “You OK?” to Jane across the room and we all swoon just a little. Good girlfriend is good.


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