“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (4.09): Take your son to work day


Jane wakes up with a start and realizes her major error in not sleeping over at Maura’s house. She might have still had the bad dream, but then there’d be Maura to cuddle with afterward. The therapeutic benefits of cuddling are totally underrated. So she gives Jo a cuddle for good measure. Fine, she’s pretty cute. But she’s no Maura.


 At the Isles Estate, an early-morning visitor interrupts their coffee. It’s Jane, she called Maura to tell her she made a terrible mistake and needs emergency snuggles. At the door Maura gives her some Totally Gratuitous, Totally Gay Touching, but only for a second because Mama R is there too making coffee. See, some people still respect boundaries.

Speaking of boundaries, Jane tells Mama R she doesn’t want to talk about her nightmare, but then promptly tells Maura about her nightmare. She asks her doctor girlfriend if she thinks she has PTSD. Maura says she’s not sure and then there are statistics about nightmares to spout. To Jane hearing Maura go off on her scientific tangents is like emergency snuggles – so predictable and reassuring.


While Mama R wants Jane to just fuggedaboutit, a remnant of her days with Tony Soprano no doubt, Maura has a better idea. She wants Jane to replay the dream, but change the way it ends. Jane says she can do that, because she routinely changes the way her dreams end with Maura. Mixing things up is the spice of life.

But then Jane asks Maura whether her dream meant something. Hey, I want to know that, too. I keep having this nightmare where I’m being chased, but can’t run. And recently I’ve been having these dreams about my teeth falling out. But I think that’s just guilt about not flossing enough.


Mama R tells her daughter to take a sick day, and then gives Maura a look like, “If you loved her, you’d make my daughter take a sick day.” But, alas, Jane is determined to see this one through. In the autopsy room, Maura makes a cast of the burn mark on both victims’ necks. Thankfully, these two aren’t the type to let a multiple-murder investigation get in the way of some good old-fashioned lesbian processing. Maura tells Jane, “I think it’s healthy that you’ve begun to process your trauma.” Later they’ll process how Maura feels when Jane doesn’t fold the laundry right after it comes out of the dryer.


With no leads to go on, the detectives try Dr. Nolan’s idea of giving all the police officers at the conference a personality test. Um, is that even admissible in court? Can you get a search warrant off of a personality test? For once I’m going to agree with the obviously created just to be obnoxious detective character who calls it a “stupid friggin’ way to solve a double homicide.”

Of course, then I promptly stop agreeing with him when he acts like a pompous ass and tells Maura and Dr. Nolan to call him when they want to solve the murder. No, dude, she’s going to call Jane and they’ll have this thing wrapped up in time to share a beer and glass of wine on Maura’s couch before they retire for more, um, aerobic activities.


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