Demi Lovato will join “Glee” season five for a “significant arc”


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First Britney Spears.  Then Jessica Sanchez. Then Adam Lambert. Now Demi Lovato. It looks like Fox has lined up another cross-show exchange for the upcoming season of Glee. According to TVLine, X-Factor judge Demi Lovato is in talks to join the show for a “significant” six-episode arc that will begin during episode two, the second of a two-parter Beatles tribute that will open up the season.

Take it away TVLine:

According to sources, Lovato (who turns 21 on Tuesday) will play Dani, a NYC-based struggling artist friend of Rachel and Santana’s. She will also interact frequently with Adam Lambert’s incoming character, and the pair will have several musical numbers together

I don’t know about you, but what I read was:

Lovato, who is on record as having a big time girl crush on Amber Heard, will play Dani (the name of everyone’s favorite lesbian on last season’s The Glee Project), a NYC-based struggling artist friend of Rachel’s who will obviously fall deeply in love and have many onscreen make-outs with Santana Lopez, the Girl of Fire. Also, she will sing some duets with Rosewood Halloween Train superstar Adam Lambert.

Glee guest star casting is always wildly hit or miss, but if she really does develop feelings for Santana, well, that sounds exactly like the kind of stunt-casting I can get behind. Plus, if you’re already a Lovato fan, Thursday nights are going to be a nonstop part for you because The X-Factor‘s results show will lead right into Glee!

Are you excited about the news that Lovato is joining the cast of Glee? Or have you given up forever on your once beloved musical dramedy?

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