Introducing Uh Huh Her


The two first met a year ago after one of Grey’s shows with Mellowdrone, and they began working together this past January. They could tell immediately that they’d make a good team.

“To begin with, we had a really good time together, and that certainly helps,” Hailey said. “You have to really like each other if you’re going to start a band. Ideas started coming together really well, and then when we sang together it was like, oh wow, this is cool. Our voices really complement each other.”

Their collaboration is pretty fluid, according to Hailey: “It just sort of comes as it comes. There’s no system or formula to it.”

Both band members contribute bits of material that they then work on together. It’s a new type of process for Grey, who is used to working either alone or on a for-hire basis. “This is the first time I’ve worked with somebody else in that kind of collaborative way where it’s equal,” Grey said. “So this is great, bouncing it off somebody who’s an equal partner in it all. It’s definitely a different process for me. I like it. It’s much better, in fact, with another brain involved.”

Hailey immediately piped up: “A very large one, I’d like to add.”

Together their brains settled on a band name inspired by P.J. Harvey. “It’s a song that [Harvey’s] had for a long time, a B-side that didn’t end up making the record,” Grey explained. “I’ve always liked the name of that song, and then coming across it again later and deciding, oh wow, it’s a great name for a band.”

Halfway through the interview, throughout which she was mostly audible, Grey suddenly said, “Sorry. Can you even hear me? I’m pointing the phone down.”

“Cam mumbles,” Hailey said.

“I tend to mumble,” Grey confirmed. “She calls me Droopy. That’s her nickname for me.”

“It fits so well,” Hailey said.

“We’re not talking about the obvious,” Grey quipped. “They’re not quite there yet.”

Grey then joked that her nickname for Hailey is simply Number One, ever since Hailey topped the Hot 100. When asked to vouch for whether Hailey has kept up her hotness as promised, Grey confirmed that Hailey is “ridiculously hot.”

Hailey then deadpanned, “Oh yeah, if you could see me right now.”

Originally, Uh Huh Her included a third member, Alicia Warrington, on drums. She can be heard on I See Red and seen in a video on the band’s website. But Warrington left the band in May to pursue other musical opportunities.

It was an amicable parting, as Hailey explained: “We’re a new band, and it’s risky to do something like this. She’s also a hired musician, and she plays with a lot of people and gets hired to go on tours and make money. And right now we’re just like a baby band. You sort of have to weigh out your lifestyle – or risking your lifestyle. She’s great. There’s no hard feelings or anything. She’s just going along her path.”

So for now Uh Huh Her lives on as a duo, with both members lending their vocal and instrumental talents. At their live shows, they plan on playing dueling keyboards and dueling basses. But they also plan on expanding the band in the future.

“It’s definitely not going to just be a duo,” Hailey said. “We’re going to get more band members. I don’t know if it’ll just be one or two or what it’ll end up being. It’s just this for now. Temporary.”

The band likely won’t lack for would-be new members, given Hailey’s television fame. Grey is grateful for her bandmate’s fan base. “It’s great, because everyone loves her so much,” she said. “Without it, not a lot of people know who I am, because I’m always doing these weird projects and I’m always in the background, so to have that is very, very good.”

Hailey said she’s excited for Grey to get more exposure: “I think at this point people know about me, but I just know that when they hear Cam sing and see her and all that, they’re going to be super fans of hers. I’m a fan.”

The women certainly hope their appeal will reach beyond Hailey’s L Word notoriety. “We feel lucky that we have people that are even paying attention to us at all,” Hailey offered. “So, in that sense, it’s fantastic. That’s not where we want it to start and end. Obviously, we want people beyond the show to know about us. We’re so grateful and happy that people even know about us at all.”

At that point, Grey said something unintelligible, and I asked for clarification.

“Yeah, if I only knew,” Hailey said dryly. “I can’t understand her.”

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