Feminist Friday: Melissa Explains it All


This Week in Ladybits

Missouri State Representative Paul Wieland (R) and his wife Theresa are suing for a personal exemption to Obamacare because the option to get birth control without a copay apparently violates their “religious liberty” if it is anywhere near them. If they win, do they create zones in which women suddenly have to hand over a copayment?

Iowa’s Board of Medicine may ban telemedicine abortion prescriptions—which would cause huge problems for women who live in rural areas or who are too poor to come in for an in-office doctor’s visit. Telemedicine abortions in the first trimester are very safe, but then again, this legislation isn’t about the safety of women.

This is an brilliant piece from Melissa Harris-Perry connects points on privacy, bodily integrity, and some of the creepier legislation that has been happening lately—not just anti-choice legislation, but voter suppression as well. As a bonus, you’ll get an interview with the always fantastic Ohio State Senator Nina Turner.

And The Good Men Project has been problematic of late, but this essay by a dad who hopes his daughter has awesome sex is pretty great.

This Week in Thinky

Alyssa Rosenberg argued in Indiewire that a pop-culture take on Hillary Clinton’s life might help build empathy.

Bitch looked at how Orange Is the New Black treats three real-life prison issues.

Out comedian Cameron Esposito has a terrific piece in Laughspin that’s ostensibly on comedians heckling other comedians. But it’s about so much more than that.

Sometimes our best efforts fall short, and sometimes our efforts just aren’t the best. The #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen hashtag popped up this week to provide a cold-water-to-the-face reality check.

BuzzFeed gave us 17 questions trans* folk are tired of hearing.

And The Frisky brought up six major differences between dating men and women (according to one bi woman).

Are men unable to handle buying products that women also like? And if so, can we coordinate our efforts to make them defect from Axe? I’ve actually been wondering about that lately: Given the fact that macho tech dudes like to claim that Apple products are “feminine” and the vaguely creepy moments in the commercial, I feel like these Dell tablet ads are carefully designed to tap into latent misogyny.

It makes me sad that these need to exist, but I guess it’s good that they do. Meet the roofie-detecting cups and straws.

Geena Davis has your back. And your kids’ backs. And the backs of young girls in general. She’s released a series of videos for the Kids in the House parenting website on the way girls and women are portrayed in the media, including hypersexualization, stereotyping, and female representation in general, and on how absorbing all that media affects girls and their choices.

This Week in Ugh

Russell Simmons released a “funny” video that involved Harriet Tubman having sex with her slave master. Are you laughing yet? Simmons has since apologized, and was apparently surprised that anyone had a problem with him making a joke out of the sexual violence black women endured under slavery. Yes, people had a problem with it.

Syreeta McFadden of Feministing looked at how rape culture is used to silence the political voices of Egyptian women.

On the home front, the Steubenville rape case inspired federal prosecutor William Ihlenfeld to start a program for student athletes—apparently with a partial focus on not getting caught because you posted your sexual assaults online.

A Fox Sports reporter gave some handy tips about asking female athletes about their sex lives, because it’s important for you to know about that, and what else are ladies for?

This long Daily Kos diary is well worth your time: It’s about the roots of Russia’s problem with homophobia.

And because the state of Virginia just couldn’t stand not to humiliate itself for a week, we learned that until this week the official policy of the Norfolk police was to assume that all rape victims were lying.

This Week in Awesome

The Daily Beast has an amazing article about Latifa Nabizada, Medivac chopper pilot and the first woman to join Afghanistan’s Air Force.

California’s Governor Jerry Brown (D) signed a bill for transgender student rights into law this week.

I love adventurous ladies! And pterodactyls! Check out this trailer for The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec! Yes, please! (Via io9)

Speaking of wonderful things, I just threw my pie with joy.


The notion that Gina Carano wants a really good Wonder Woman movie to get made is also pretty happymaking.

And Disney is developing a film based on Ugandan chess champion Phiona Mutesi.  Here’s a very short documentary on Mutesi so you can get a glimpse of the awesome.

Have a great weekend. Get out there and be the strongest piece on the board.

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