“Rookie Blue” recap (4.09): Blind Date


Previously on Rookie Blue, Gail finally met someone she liked right off the bat, and made Holly her plus one forever. (Platonically. Sort of. So far.)

We open in a cafe, where Gail is handed a latte by a friendly British-sounding gent. Gail has her light and happy voice on, and is trying to stay in good spirits, asking him questions, enjoying her latte, etc. She keeps on smiling through talk of her mother, who is the reason for this blind date. She even forces her smile to stay on her face when he tells her he spent time in Nottingham and she references merry men, a joke that goes over the poor chap’s head. But things take a sharp turn for the terrible when she finds out her date grew up twenty minutes from where they sat – the accent he’s donning was from spending only two years abroad. Still, she tells him that her caffeinated beverage will be their hour glass, when it runs out, so will she. He pushes her just that much further, however, asking for her number in case she changes her mind, and she decides there is not enough nutmeg in the world to keep her on this date.

Gail has a lousy date

The next night, Gail is flashing outfit options for Traci, who is impressed that she’s going on two dates in a row. Gail’s mother is determined to keep her (young, insanely attractive) daughter from becoming a spinster, and Gail has decided to concede, for now. While they’re on the subject of dates, Gail asks Traci why she doesn’t date her brother. They both joke and tease each other about it, but they’re both smiling—especially Traci.

The Crime of the Week is adorable-but-sometimes-not-so-bright Andy losing former coworker Chris’s child. Yes, that’s right, she misplaced a toddler. And by misplaced I mean left him unattended in a vehicle for 10 seconds, which is all the time a kidnapper needs. Something tells me no one will be asking Auntie McNally to babysit ever again.

Anyway, there was a substance left behind in the vehicle the boy was taken from, and luckily for us, Gail was assigned the task of running it down to the lab. Gail thanks Holly for making their case a priority, and asks if there is anything they can do to speed things along. Holly gives Gail sass as an answer, but instead of being angry (as Gail often is), she laughs along with her new friend.


Unfortunately, their fun is eventually interrupted by the results—Holly found two DNA samples in the analysis. Gail takes the results to the team: The abductor, who kindly left behind a wee bit of his blood, is the boy’s biological father, not Chris.

After much drama and chair throwing and frantic searching, they eventually find the boy. Everyone is physically and emotionally exhausted, happy the day is over. Gail is finishing up some notes when happy-go-lucky Chloe comes up to her and asks her to take something back to her apartment for her, since that’s where Chris and his wife and not-son are staying. Gail automatically launches into what will surely be a string of insults when she sees that Chloe is just trying to give her a stuffed puppy to take to the little boy, who had lost his in the day’s kerfuffle. Gail’s face softens. She starts to tell Chloe that her unabashedly open ways drive her batty, and she starts to explain why, when Chloe interrupts. She understands, and accepts what is probably the closest thing to an apology Gail is ever bound to make.


In the locker room, Gail is getting ready for her date when she asks Traci why she won’t date her brother. Traci explains that it’s just not the right time for her, but that Gail should go on a million dates if that’s what she wants to do. She says, verbatim, “Everyone deserves to be happy, Gail. Even you.”

Gail considers this for a moment before whipping out her phone and calling someone, asking the person on the other end if they’re free tonight. Who did she call? Nick? Robin Hood? Her brother?

If you’re a hopeless optimist like me, you knew the answer.

Gail meets Holly at the batting cages (!), probably the last place I ever thought I’d see Gail Peck. Holly hands her the bat and helmet, saying it’s cathartic, and that it wouldn’t kill her to try something new. Then she saw Gail attempt to not get hit by the ball and thought better of her statement. Gail squeals, saying that she warned Holly that she was bad at sports, and giggles—Gail! GIGGLES!—and runs away. It’s pretty much the most adorable thing in the history of adorable things.


Bonus screenshot: Andy McNally in a plaid shirt, in a state of undress. And laughing.


Next week on Rookie Blue, Andy tells Gail that she slept with Nick. Will this help Gail realize she doesn’t care as much as she thought she would? Or will it push her into Holly’s arms for all the wrong reasons?

So far, they are taking their time with the progression of this storyline, and it’s giving me hope that this could become something really magical.

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