“The Bridge” recap (1.6): “ID”


The opening of this week’s The Bridge brings us “Sweaty Times with Annabeth Gish.” Technically it’s her character Charlotte who’s having the fun. She writhes around on top of Beefy D (Ray, I believe is his Christian name) and afterwards, talk about Charlottes dead husband while basking in post coital bliss. She decides to show him the tunnel, which obviously means he’s not long for this world. He appears disappointed to find out that the door does not lead to a sex dungeon, but a dim light bulb pops up above his head. Galvan and his crony politely excuse themselves as they drag Hector Calaca’s dead body past them and through the tunnel.

Marco, Sonya and Lt. Wade are at the deceased Dr. Meadow’s home, inspecting the scene. They refer to his death as a “Columbian necktie,” as it is a common mark of a drug related execution. Sonya is attempting to question Meadow’s daughter Gina, the only witness. She is failing miserably.  Sonya wants specifics, but all Gina wants is a cigarette and to be left alone.  Marco steps in to try and comfort Sonya, and they end up taking Gina to the station.

Marco tries to comfort Sonya

While at the El Paso PD, the detectives find out that Meadow’s treated many in law enforcement. Lt. Wade stops Sonya before she attempts to question Gina again and tells her to be gentle. Sonya nods and holds up the breakfast that she brought for Gina. Gina refuses to eat, and Sonya offers her water, trying to hard to stay true to Lt. Wade’s wishes. You can almost hear her thought process. Be gentle. Be gentle. Be gentle. She shows Gina pictures of some of her father’s patients, but she doesn’t recognize any of them. Gina asks for a cigarette, but Sonya says no, she’s not 18. Something I find so endearing about Sonya is her adherence to rules. It’s doing this that helps her function, yet at the same time, holds her back from getting close to anyone besides Lt. Wade.

Frye is frantically emptying booze down the sink, and flushing pills down the toilet at his apartment. He’s seen a lot of shit in the last few days and he decides to go cold turkey to clear his head. He meets with Adriana to try and piece together the connection between the murders. She has a suggestion that doesn’t sit well with Frye; it’s time to head back to Juarez.

it’s time to head back to Juarez

Fausto Galvan stands in from of a group of his men, lecturing them about the ills that can befall them from chasing skirts. He’s a regular Fagen from Oliver Twist, yet way, way deadlier. He instructs the men to pick up one of the sharp knives that lay before them, and directs them to Calaca’s corpse.

Gus shows up at the station to speak to his father. Marco is happy to see him, but Gus is pissed off and demanding answers from his father. Gus mentions his father’s past infidelity, which sets Marco off.  Before they can really hash anything out though, Sonya interrupts them and pulls Marco away. The detectives try to figure out the seemingly unrelated connections between the murders. Sonya decides to go speak with Gina again and Marco suggests that maaaaaaybe it would help if Sonya tried to get Gina to trust her a little bit. Sonya brushes this off because, hello, she’s a cop. Cops are trustworthy and this is El Paso, not Rosewood. After another failed attempt at questioning Gina, Marco steps in and gives Gina a cigarette and some peace of mind.

After looking through Dr. Meadow’s files, Marco confronts Lt. Wade about his time as his patient. Lt. Wade tells Marco about a particularly upsetting case where a young girl was raped and murdered and her younger sister had to come identify the body. They caught the murder, Jim Dobbs, but not until Lt. Wade shot him in the head during the pursuit.  Jim Dobbs lived but suffered a serious brain injury. The victim’s little sister was Sonya.  Since then, Lt. Wade has felt an overwhelming responsibility toward her.


Lyle Lovett, Esq and Graciella meet with Charlotte to discuss the terms of their partnership. Charlotte tells them that she’s handing over the reigns to Beefy D, who acts like he knows the score.  Like any good lawyer who represents a horse murdering psychopath, Lyle Lovett gets his social security number and DOB.

Adriana and Frye wander the streets of Juarez, trying to connect the dots. They visit the coroner’s department and are told by a reluctant employee that all the people that worked there during the Christina Fuentes murder have either transferred or died. So much for job security. Like Sonya, they pick up on the fact that Galvan’s brother was reported as dead, yet his body was never recovered. He disappeared. Speaking of disappeared, Adriana and Frye find Calaca’s body on a pole, stuck with dozens of knives. This is a warning not to step out of line. Frye insists he’s not afraid, but Adriana is. That won’t stop them from pursuing the story however.


A sketch artist comes by to put Gina’s fleeting glimpses of the killer to paper. Marco warns Sonya not to push her, or Gina will lose it. Gina’s mother shows up at the station, and Sonya accuses her of being high. Well, she is. She’s an Oxy addict, and Dr. Meadows was the one who gave her that first taste. She wasn’t the only one, either and Meadows was a drug dealer in his own right. All this drug talk is making Lt. Wade hungry. Chili dogs for all, he suggests. He and Sonya take Gina out for some food and trust building exercises.

Alma is looking radiant as she eats her lunch with her coworker. Marco keeps calling but she’s not picking up. The man tells her that things will get better. She smiles and gives him the dimmers, which he takes as an invitation to kiss her. Sigh. She pushes him away but tells him she’s grateful to have someone to talk to. Gurl, you need to get some new friends. Like how about some lesbians? We love to talk about feelings.

At the diner, Gina seems to be connecting with Lt. Wade and Sonya tells her that she grew up with a mom just like Gina’s. Gina excuses herself to go to the bathroom, where she promptly climbs through a window and runs like the wind down an alleyway. Sonya catches wise and chases after her. Lt. Wade is full of chili, so he lumbers down the alley after them. I must say, Sonya running through the streets with her button down Oxford shirt, gun holster and skinny leg trousers was a site to behold. I had to pause my TV for a moment.


Anyway, Sonya hears a terrible scream and finds Gina, lying in a pool of blood. The killer followed her and stabbed her in the stomach. Sonya tried to cover the wound, but it’s too severe and Gina starts to slip away. Before she passes, she tells Sonya that she got the eyes of the killer just right in the sketch. Sonya begins to rock and cry, softly saying “Help me” as Lt. Wade comes to her aid.

Marco shows up at his home, but decides to knock rather than use his key. Alma isn’t in the mood to deal with his drama, so she sends him to gather his belonging and get out. Marco looks longingly at his bedroom as he wheels a suitcase down the hall. He opens his mouth to explain himself but Alma shushes him, and tells him that he can talk when she’s ready to hear it. As he leaves, Sonya calls to tell him about Gina. The FBI didn’t know about Gina, only their people. Someone is watching them, and may be closer to the case that they ever imagined.  She then strips down to her sports bra again at her desk. Not really an important plot point, but I’m in a giving mood.


Adriana finds Frye saddled up to a bar, drinking a club soda. He’s 50 hours sober and trying to hold it together. They discuss the major connection between the Fuentes case and the current murder investigation, is Det. Marco Ruiz. They decide to find out if Marco is a dirty cop.

While Charlotte is indisposed, Beefy D calls up an old friend named Tim to tell him about his sweet new abode, fully equipped with drug smuggling ready tunnel. He asks Tim to send him some supplies so he can get this party started. Tim agrees and when he hangs up, we see that he is cooperating with the ATF. Looks like Charlotte’s tunnel won’t stay a secret for long.

Marco heads over to Galvan’s to return the unused ransom he gave to save the girl in the desert. Marco tells Galvan he wasn’t about to keep it, and it was the right thing to do. Galvan reveals Marco’s father’s involvement in the drug trade, but Marco doesn’t want that life. Galvan tosses Marco some money for his troubles, thousands of dollars, which Marco tosses back to him.


Sonya arrives a prison where she has a visit with Jim Dobbs. He has trouble with simple motor functions now, but sits drawing with crayons. He draws pictures of a girl with blonde hair and a black mask covering her face. She puts her hand upon his, as tears roll down her cheeks.

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