And the winner of the 2013 AfterEllen Ultimate Femslash Madness Tourney is …


When we asked for nominations for our 2013 AfterEllen Ultimate Femslash Madness Tournament, you gave us suggestions for hundreds of beloved fanon and cross-show pairings. We narrowed it down to 64 couples, and after 1.5 million votes, you have chosen a brand new champion.

The winner of the 2013 Ultimate Femslash Madness Tournament is…

Jane and Maura, Rizzoli & Isles


Congratulations, you two “straight” huggy-huggers from Hugtown, USA! And congratulations to Faberry fandom, also! Even though Glee punched you in the face this year, and even though Dianna Agron only appeared in a handful of episodes, you guys are still a powerhouse fandom that deserves some serious respect!

You can take a look at the full Femslash Madness bracket below to see how each couple fared in each round, and see Jane and Maura’s path to the title.



Better luck next year, Tippi the Bird and Miss Kitty Fantastico!

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