Laura Prepon reportedly leaving “Orange Is the New Black”


Oh. What’s that sound? Just the weeping of lesbians everywhere at the news that Laura Prepon is leaving Orange Is the New Black. Say it ain’t so, Alex Vause!


Buzzfeed reports that the actress has not signed a contract to be a regular for Season 2 and will only return for a limited number of episodes “in order to resolve her story.” Resolve her story? Why do you have to hurt us lesbians like this, universe? Can’t we have anything nice?

The Buzzfeed article says the door has been left open for Prepon to return in the future. But it looks like we’ll have very little Alex through the 13-episode second season. Production on new episodes began last month. I swear if they backfill her absence with more Larry instead I will cut you, Netflix.


In a small – very small – ray of hope, a reporter for Variety tweeted that Netflix told her the news is “not accurate.” The Huffington Post also got the same response from the company. But Netflix also said a couple years ago they were going to rename their DVD-by-mail service Qwikster. So, sometimes they can’t be trusted.

However you felt about Piper and Alex’s relationship, Prepon was a powerful addition to the show and her presence will be sorely missed. Now, if you’ll please excuse me, I am going to go weep into a corner forever.

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