“Rookie Blue” Mini-Recap (4.08): Plus One Forever


Previously on Rookie Blue, sharp-tongued Gail met a forensic pathologist lesbian lady named Holly, and Gail got along with her better than she has anyone in a good long while.

Gail is a sensual human being. I don’t know what it is, but she even makes being bored look sexy as hell. Her voice is out-of-control sultry, even if she’s talking about paper clips. Yet, people can sometimes be put off by the fact that her low, intoxicating voice is usually slinging words laced in venom, and her ice blue eyes are usually throwing hate-daggers. Not Holly, though. There was something special in their first interaction, and at first I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I think it was Holly’s smile. She wasn’t startled or offended at this crass police officer giving her a hard time, she was just amused.

This week, Toronto’s 15 Division is all atwitter about the impending wedding. Officer Chloe, chipper little bird that she is, prattles on about how excited she is and asks if Gail is going to take anyone, then quickly says she’s sorry to hear about Gail and Nick’s breakup. Gail wants none of her pity, not even a little bit. She hisses about how much she hates weddings, that they’re supposed to be about love but they’re really just about superficial things like outfits and cake. She thinks they’re the fakest things — no, wait. She corrects herself. Chloe is the fakest thing. Then weddings.

Rookie Blue 408-1

The Crime of the Week is that a busload of old people got carjacked, so there are a dozen or so of them putting around the station. Gail doesn’t discriminate, she hates everyone equally, so she snarks up the two seniors she’s taking statements from—frienemies, they call themselves. When weddings rings were listed as stolen items, Gail took the opportunity to continue her Anti-Wedding Speech, including some particularly pointed words tossed over her shoulder at her ex, Nick. When they were leaving, the woman gave her the once over. She told Gail she was far too young to be bitter, that she should follow her lead and find someone to have fun with—a plus one.

As it turns out, Gail took the old lady’s advice, because she shows up to the wedding to find Holly working the coat check. Since there was no one there when Holly arrived, she decided to make a quick buck while waiting for Gail to show. She says this as if it’s the most normal thing, when it is most definitely not. Gail looks a little perplexed, but not very, because it’s probably exactly what she would have done if she had gotten there first.

While they wait for the ceremony to start, they are giggling like teenagers, and sitting really close to each other. At this point I would normally presume they had hung out a few times between their first meeting in this, but Gail and Holly seem to be on their own plane of reality where the social norms we are familiar with have no bearing. So, they watch the ceremony together, Holly looking legitimately moved.

Rookie Blue 408-2

When everyone is on the dance floor, the camera never lands on them, but it doesn’t matter, Gail and Holly are goofy dancing like no one’s watching anyway. After a while, they end up hiding in the coat closet with a pilfered champagne bottle. Gail is asking questions right out of a “Sh!t Straight Girls Say” video, like “Getting dressed for a date is the fun part, what happens when it’s two girls?” Holly, being as attractive and bold as she is, is no stranger to curious straight girls. “What happens when you’re with a guy?” she retorts, and halfway through her answer, Gail realizes how silly her question is. Getting slightly more reasonable, Gail then asks if it’s acceptable to share clothing with the girl you’re seeing. Holly takes that opportunity to rake her eyes down Gail’s gold, shimmery dress and tell her sure, but she wouldn’t want to swap with Gail. Gail is affronted, which just amuses Holly more. So much so, that she leans in and kisses Gail, right on her perfect lips, and tells her she’s insane.

Rookie Blue 408-3

Then, in her cool, casual way, Holly pops up and says she’s taking the bottle and going dancing, but thanks for inviting her. She smiles that smile one more time and says, “Plus one forever!” before disappearing. Gail watches her go, baffled, because she’s usually the one making the grand exits.

I don’t know where this storyline is going, and the previews for next week offered no hints, but I still think it has potential. I think Gail is intrigued by this new friend and wouldn’t hate having a relationship with more of a power balance than she’s used to, but it’s too early to tell. They’re also both crazy enough that it could burn hot and then go down in flames.

What do you think of Gail and Holly? Do you think Gail will fall for her as more than a friend?

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