“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (4.07): Who let the beards out?


The next day Frost and Korsak are discussing the prevalence of sexism in the scientific field. The teacher, it seemed, paid special attention to his female students much to the chagrin of some of the male students’ parents. Like, what a waste since boys are naturally better in science, duh. Because Marie Curie, Rosalind Franklin, Rachel Carson, Jane Goodall and Fabiola Gianotti – just flukes.

Frost leaves to take a “meeting” with the bitchy barista. Man, that road leads to anger, betrayal and really slow coffee service. In fact. Mama R starts him off by ignoring his request for a fill up. You mess with the Rizzolis, you get no refills. And, again, I can’t tell if she’s more mad for Jane or Frankie.


Frost and Korsak go to interrogate Red Herring No. 1. This time it’s a disgruntled former student who was on track to be valedictorian before the teacher expelled her for allegedly finding weed in her locker. Now she works the graveyard shift at a 7-11 and goes to the local junior college. She says he was the so-called champion of “smart nerdy girls” before revealing himself to be a “lascivious creep” who demanded oral sex for good grades. Wow, OK, can I hit this guy with my car?

After the interview, Frankie shows up with a teddy bear with a boot on its foot for Jane. Frost feels secret shame for flirting with the barista instead of such a sweet, kind guy. Frankie mentions he saw him outside with a woman. Busted. But Frankie has a forgiving heart, and still takes him in his cruiser to check out a car that could have been in the hit-and-run. Wouldn’t you know it’s even the driver’s ed car.


Back in the office, Maura subs in for Jane on the case. Maura made Jane lie down in her office. Because her, um, “ankle” was swollen. Yeah, sure it was, dirty bird. But then Maura forgets that Jane isn’t there to appreciate her “fun facts” and starts a dissertation about the origins of friendship bracelets – which is where the thread they found in the car came from. The looks on their faces say, “Jane puts up with this every day? It must be love.”


The detectives also find out Teacher Creeper had Viagra in his system. Right, so now he’s taking advantage of young, budding female science students and I’m thinking the car that hit him should have been from a bus.

They also found a key to a high-security padlock, which was probably for his disgusting love nest on campus. The detectives know Jane can’t be talked out of going to the scene to find it, so Korsak tells Maura she should go with her because “You’re the only one she listens to.” So that makes Frankie, Mama R and Korsak who are all avowed Rizzles shippers. Suck on that, Team Casey. Oh, sorry, can it be a team if it’s only one person? Yeah, I know Korsak. Buuuurn.


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