“The Bridge” recap (1.5): The Beast


What makes a serial killer different from someone who simply kills a lot of people? Well, if you ask Fausto Galvan, it’s all about the enjoyment of the kill.  Galvan and his right hand man are reading about the murderer in the news, and Galvan tries to distinguish himself from the Butcher on the Bridge.  Galvan rationalizes that even though he’s killed many, he doesn’t enjoy it. That’s what separates him from this animal.  He then goes into the back room, where Hector’s cousin sits tied up and bloody.  Galvan gets what he wants, then shoots him dead.


Marco and his family are about to sit down to Sunday night dinner when Sonya shows up at his door. She’s upset that he’s not answering his phone. He tells her, umm, it’s Sunday night.  She has intel on Agent Gedman so he invites her to join his family for dinner. She tells him that Agent Gedman used to frequent Christina Fuentes on a weekly basis. Marco’s son Gus is smitten with Sonya, but she just wants to know why the hell he keeps staring at her.


After she insults the meal, she tells Marco that Charlotte Millright dropped his wallet off at the station. At first this slips by, mostly unnoticed, until later that evening when Marco and Alma are getting ready for bed. Marco has a habit of taking his wallet out and leaving it on the night table, and it all makes sense to Alma. She tells him to get out.

Marco ends up sleeping at the El Paso police station, and gives Sonya that “Thanks for ruining my life, again” face. It’s totally lost on her. The FBI is still there, and denying access to Gedman’s files. Even though he’s been cleared as a suspect, Marco is still stuck on Steven Linder being involved in something shady. 

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