“The Killing” recap: Season 3 finale


Season Three of The Killing could easily be its best. The series had become stale and listless, but a new ensemble and set of circumstances breathed life into the rainy drama. It allowed Linden and Holder to be fleshed out as characters and introduced us to Bullet, who was without doubt, the beating heart of the season. Ray Seward was a casualty of sloppy police work, and his own hubris. Linden and Holder have been forced to face their share of demons, and are about to face a few more as the season comes to a close.

Our first shot of the finale, mirrors that of the season opener. Linden is running. Running from guilt, from the noise in her head. She can’t outrun those last brutal moments of Seward’s life and her role in his conviction, and when she finds a solitary tree in a clearing, she clings to it. For the first time she takes a breath, and it doesn’t feel like her lungs are full of broken glass.


When she arrives back home, Lt. Skinner is waiting for her. He tells he his marriage is over, because there are just some things about their world he can’t share with anyone else. Linden gets that. She has been so lonely for so long, and while I never saw the chemistry between these two, perhaps it transcends that. The need to be understood pulls them together like magnets and they kiss. In the light of the morning, Linden is all smiles and tells Skinner that she thinks they can change, and be more like normal people, not haunted by the things they’ve seen.


Holder attends Bullet’s funeral. The picture by Bullet’s coffin is one she would have hated; all teenage awkwardness and toothy smiles.


Danette Leeds is also there, and she and Holder talk about how Bullet just wanted to protect her friends. Holder compares her to a pit-bull, but laments that she was just a kid. Danette tells Holder that when Kallie was little, Danette would close her eyes and count to five but when she’s open them, Kallie would still be standing right there.  Lyric, sits alone near the front of the church, tears in her eyes.


Holder manages to pull himself together, and finds his girlfriend Caroline to apologize for his behavior and keeping his addiction a secret.  He tells her he’s a huge step down for her, and that he only wanted her to see the good stuff.  She smiles and tells him, “That is what I see.” His phone rings and because she gets it, and gets him, she sends him off to save Seattle again.


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