“The Fosters” recap (1.10): “She Keeps Me Warm”


Inside the house, Captain Roberts is handing Lena a gift and a bonus of telling Lena that Stef is coming back to work next week. Whoopsie! Lena looks three shades more murderous than most brides when Stef arrives. Stef offers in her softest voice, that she was waiting until after the wedding to tell Lena. Lena drags Stef into the bathroom, shuts the door, shoves Stef against the wall, and then unbuttons Stef’s shirt. It’s hot and a little confusing. Then she puts her hand on Stef’s wound and says she making her peace with it because if she’s going to marry Stef she’s going to marry all of her, the scar, the bullet, and the cop.  Sadly they cut away before we can see the rest of that scene but damn it looked good in my head.

Fosters 11017

Reverend Adams welcomes everyone to the marriage of his daughter. He mentions the Supreme Court ruling (handed down the same day they filmed this scene), that gives us gays the same rights and responsibilities, joys and burdens, including mothers of the brides who squabble over flowers, and guests who inappropriately make out with each other. Dana keeps it classy by reading Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116, “love is an ever-fixed mark/ that looks on tempests and is never shaken” not even by a house full of horny teens, a near death experience, and a wedding. Sharon follows up the Bard by dropping some Irma Bombeck on the happy couple. Stef laughs and then it’s vow time. Lena tells Stef that she’s a piece of work, but she’s Lena’s piece of work. Stef tells Lena that she has been waiting her whole life for Lena and that she’s proud to stand in front of their friends and family so everyone will know how lucky she feels to be with her.

Fosters 11018

The Rev asks for the rings and Judicorn hands them over. The ladies try to slip them on but realize they got the wrong ones and giggle as they trade. The same thing happened at my wedding but it took us until we got back to our hotel room after the wedding before we realized whoever put them out on the table for the ceremony got them backward and we’d put on the wrong ones. Once Stef and Lena get it sorted out the Reverend is like ladies, start kissing. And they do and it’s just as sweet and awkward as most wedding kisses.

I call this next part of the episode, “let’s leave a few things to tie up next season.” Lexi and Jesus dance as her parents look on and talk about how devastated she’s going to be when she finds out they aren’t coming back. Lena tells Stef she’s sorry her dad didn’t come and Stef says she’s only sorry for her dad. Lena asks about Mike and wonder if he’s a bit off because of them and Stef glances at Roberts and says “no, it’s not us.” Jude is being a perfect six year old and picking frosting off the cake when Callie pops over to say he’s right, she’s been selfish but she’s not going to be selfish anymore.

Fosters 11019

Mariana dedicates a song to her moms and frankly, I’m not sure any other show could pull off playing “Same Love” at a lesbian wedding without making me roll my eyes. Maybe it’s because the first bars of the song are enough to make me cry. Maybe because it has the most perfect hook in the history of hooks, or maybe it’s because this show has embraced being heartfelt like no other show with gay ladies ever. This is a show about family and it’s sappy and I love it. There’s adorable family dancing complete with awkward teenage moves, lots of hugs, and huge smiles. The scene ends with Stef and Lena dancing, their noses pressed together and the song ends with the moms in bed spooning. Their hands, decorated with wedding bands, clasped together.

Fosters 11020

The song says “I can’t change, even if I tried, even if I wanted to,” and this show sometimes feels like the answer because maybe Stef can’t change that she loves Lena, even if she wanted to but goddamn it the world can change enough to allow her the space to do that. I didn’t have a dream of getting married when I was a kid. I never thought anyone would want to marry me because I thought there was something wrong with me. I never thought the world would allow me to get married or to have kids. Sometimes we can’t dream the things we can’t see.  It heartens me to know that there are millions of people who won’t have to feel that way, they won’t have to struggle to imagine a world where they could have a wife and a family because they can see it on television. Yeah, maybe no TV shows is going to change us but it’s a damn good place to start.

Meanwhile, Callie is sneaking around the house, fully dressed, bag over her shoulder. She peeks in every room. At Brandon’s door she takes about three deep sighs to inhale his essence or some such nonsense, and sets off into the night. She arrives at Wyatt’s and asks if he takes hitchhikers. He wants to know if Stef and Lena know where she is and she says no. He tells her to go home and she says fine, she’ll take a bus. She starts walking but he picks her up and off they go into the great, midwestern unknown. I guess we’ll have to come back in January to see how it all shakes out.

Fosters 11021

I just wanted to take a second to thank you all for reading and commenting and tweeting your hearts out about this show. You guys kept the show on television. You helped it get it’s second half of season one. It has been a pure joy to recap and to watch with you all. So thank you. I can’t wait to see what happens in January.

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