June Diane Raphael on playing the gay girl on “New Girl”


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When New Girl returns on Tuesday, September 17, it might be a while before we see Dr. Sadie again. The lesbian OBGYN, played by June Diane Raphael, makes sporadic appearances on the show, but June said at the TCA Fox party this week she isn’t aware of any current plans for Sadie to visit Jess or her roommates.

“I feel like I hope somebody gets sick in the loft. I hope somebody gets deathly ill so I can return,” she said. “Right now I don’t know if Dr. Sadie’s going to be back, but I feel like she will.”


June said she loved working with creator/producer Liz Merriwether (“Liz is amazing. She’s just unbelievable.”) and the amount of improv that the actors are allowed to do is unlike any other network series.

“Usually on a network show to get past 10 executives to change one word,” June said. “On New Girl, it’s like shooting an independent film.”

So some of those hilarious lesbian lines might have been something June improved in a scene. June is also a writer, and recently premiered a film at Outfest with her best friend Casey Wilson (Happy Endings). Ass Backwards is a buddy comedy that follows June and Casey’s characters on a road trip where they inevitably happen upon a lesbian commune.

“Our director is gay, but Lea Delaria, who is on Orange is the New Black, and Sandy Martin [are in it],” June said. “Even though Casey and I aren’t [gay], we always say our sensibility is a gay sensibility, we just do. And so we felt like we were really with our people there.”


June said Ass Backwards at Outfest was “the best screening so far.”

“Casey and I always said, we knew that’s where our audience was. It was amazing. What they’re doing there and to have that festival support us meant so much to us. We felt like we were really with our people there.”

Ass Backwards will be on video-on-demand on September 30 and in select theaters November 3.

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