“Mistresses” recap (1.09): Ladies Who Lunch


Joss takes Savi’s hands and tells her that she finally understands why she’s always been so hard on her, because she was actually parenting her. They hug and it seems their sister feud is finally over. As a sign of good faith, Savi gives her the paternity test to Joss to hold onto until the baby is born and it becomes legally necessary. She says there’s no one else in the world that she trusts more than her baby sister.


What did you think of “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner”? Alex wasn’t in the preview for the next episode, but I’m hoping she’s back soon. Mistresses isn’t new until August 19th, but I’ll be checking here in the comments, as well as the #HomoWrecker tag on Twitter, so we can talk about our hopes and predictions for the final four episodes.

Speaking of the #HomoWrecker tag, here are some of our favorite tweets this week:










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