“Push Girls” recap (2.7): How Dare You!


This week on Push Girls, Tiphany and her new girlfriend Liz are back together on screen. These two lovebirds are touring Hollywood in wheelchairs. They are so obviously smitten with each other as they play and giggle all over Hollywood Blvd. Liz, trying to maneuver her wheelchair over a curb, falls over. Onlookers seem concerned but then Liz pops back up, climbs back in the chair and speeds off with Tiphany. (I love this couple.)


Tiphany explains that since she’s been so busy dealing with her drug-addicted sister Katie that she hasn’t made Liz a priority in her life. Once Tiphany and Liz rekindle, Tiphany has only glowing things to say about Liz. (“I adore her so much. I love being in her presence.”)


Tiphany wants to introduce Liz to Katie, but she’s worried because Liz “doesn’t look like any of the other girls she’s dated in the past.” (I’m assuming all the facial tattoos and piercings are the issue here.) Despite her initial reservations, Tiphany and Liz visit Katie at her rehab facility. Liz opens up about her own issues with drugs and admits that after three and a half years of being sober she, too, relapsed in the past. Katie wants to know everything about Liz and her sister’s relationship but Tiphany is tightlipped.

Katie says to Liz, “ You are very welcome in our family.” Aww, how sweet is that?

Tiphany once again mentions that Liz, “doesn’t look like anyone I’ve ever dated before. My parents would be incredibly shocked.” Tiphany says she doesn’t think the family is ready to meet Liz. Katie quips, “I think that you’re not ready.” Liz jumps in, “I think so too!” Me three!

Meanwhile, Chelsie is having problems with her live-in boyfriend, Raymond. Chelsie blatantly says, “The honeymoon is over.” Chelsie and Raymond are constantly fighting, and Chelsie feels so lost that she confides in her father. Her dad is concerned that Raymond isn’t treating his daughter well. Chelsie asks him for dating advice. (I could never imagine getting dating advice from my father, could you?) Chelsie’s dad believes Raymond isn’t the right guy for his little girl.  He suggests that Chelsie talk to Raymond because things are only going to get worse.


Heeding his advice, Chelsie sets up a time to hash things out with Raymond. But just moments into their conversation, Raymond gets up and leaves. Raymond would rather ignore their issues, but Chelsea is concerned that they will never get anything resolved if they talk openly about their problems. At this point, it seems as if their relationship is at a stand still.

Mia is also dealing with a lot of emotions this week. She’s not sure if there is something more than friendship with Barak and she’s suffering from past trauma caused by her mother. Mia’s mother is an alcoholic and although she’s been sober for 13 years she’s still not the parent Mia wants her to be. Mia schedules a doctor’s appointment and calls on her Aunt to go with her. Once Mia’s mother finds out she’s not invited, she decides to tag along anyway.

Mia gets a seating evaluation and a sensation test to see if she’s regained any feeling back in her legs. Mia is viewing this doctor’s visit as a regular check-up but her mother is putting pressure on her to walk again. Her mother says she’s not surprised that Mia can’t walk because she thinks her daughter is an “underachiever.” Ouch!

Her mother asks the doctor if Mia will ever walking again. The doctor confirms what Mia already knows, that she’ll be confined to her chair for the rest of her life. Mia is not upset by this news but she is upset by her mother’s behavior.

Speaking of bad behavior, Mia organizes a dinner at a restaurent to make herself feel better and her man-friend Barak shows up with a date! The girl in tow is named Gillian, and she calls Barak an “asshole” once she realizes that her presence is an annoyance to their host. Dear Mia, Don’t fret. Barak is a sleaze and you deserve so much better. Love, Bridget.

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