Lesbros, Girl-On-Girl, and Rage: “The Challenge: Rivals II”


“You two are just insanely hung over right now, aren’t you?”

Reality TV mavens and enormous mountains of brah CT and Knight stare at me through enormous sunglasses, mouths briefly ajar.

“Is it that obvious?” Knight asks.

“Maybe just to me,” I say soothingly, which is true. At this point I’ve familiarized myself with every shade of the multi-faceted hangover spectrum. I know what “gravelly voice + headcoverings + indoor shades + exhausted giggles equates to.

“So do you like lesbians?” I ask cheerfully.

The duo continue to stare at me, slightly bemused, as we discuss shit starting, bros, and CT’s interest in starting a fight just for the hell of it. We bond over booze and I teach them the term “lesbro,” which they seem to enjoy immensely and immediately identify with. We even snap some shots for instagram and use the tag #lesbro.


I have a confession to make: For this interview, I spent most of my time preparing to interview the girls who’ve been known to like girls, but when a steely-eyed publicist fixes you in their gaze and strongly suggests you interview the entire cast, you agree. And I’m happy I did. The cast of The Challenge: Rivals II is cheerful, verbal, and and dynamically entertaining. MTV has trained them well. Strong willed publicists aside, I’m reppin’ AfterEllen so I keep my mind on the prize at all times, namely Aneesa Ferreira and Sarah Rice, the two girls present who’ve been known to like girls.

Sarah Rice


Fans will be sad to note that Sarah, who dated a woman on her days in The Real World: Brooklyn, is now a straight up straight girl. Her black, jagged bob has transformed into long blonde waves, and she firmly informs me that not only is she not bisexual, but she has not been with a woman in six years. Sarah is basically the living defintion of a straight girl who just went through a lesbian “phase.” “It’s OK,” I tell her comfortingly, “You can’t help it. You were just born that way.”

More staring.

Finally I move onto Aneesa, this season’s only lesbian cast member and an indomitable badass. Originally incubated in The Real Word: Chicago, Aneesa has participated in no less than nine challenges, including a Battle Of The Exes with her ex-girlfriend and reality show veteran Rachel Robinson. Confident, curvaceous, and well-spoken, Aneesa might be a TV pro to the core but she’s also a friendly, funny interview subject. Right off the bat I get to the good stuff.

image copy 2

“So were there any girl on girl hookups this season?”

Aneesa smiles mischievously. “Yeah maybe a couple.”

I get excited, push for details, and after a little convincing Aneesa gave AfterEllen the exclusive scoop on sapphic hookups of The Challenge II: Rivals.

“There were two,” Aneesa fesses up . “One tipsy night Jemmye and I flirted and ending up hooking up a little, but nothing serious. She’s basically straight.”

Jemmeye Caroll


Jemmye Caroll of Real World:New Orleans is a down-to-earth Southern girl who likes to party and openly shares her life story in an unmistakable Cajun drawl. I suspect Jemmye isn’t the first, or last, straight girl tempted by Aneesa’s relaxed self-assurance and (if I might be so bold to say) bangin’ booty.

Aneesa Ferreira


“Any other instances of girl-on-girl action this season?” I press Aneesa hopefully.

“One more. I can’t give you many details, but Camila and Emily definitely had a moment.”

Emily Schromm


Emily Schromm, an openly bisexual woman who first rose to prominence in The Real World: DC , is a crossfit athlete and fitness fanatic who previously participated in Battle Of The Exes and is paired with Paula this season. Camila Nakagawa, previously seen on Spring Break Challenge, Cutthroat, and Battle Of The Exes, is a (supposedly) straight Brazilian bombshell known to be a hothead and paired with the similarly bi-curious Jemmye this season.

Camila Nakagawa


After revealing those two juicy tidbits, Aneesa clamps up and tells AfterEllen readers that if they want the full details, they’re just going to have to watch! Philly-based Aneesa is willing to discuss her personal life, telling me she is single and planning to enroll in college. As we finish up the interview, she keeps murmuring, “I swear I’ve seen you somewhere before…”

“Oh yeah,” I joke. “Don’t you remember that time in the backseat of my Civic?” Silence. Aneesa strolls away, seemingly unhearing, and two publicists within hearing distance gawk at my apparent faux pas.

Whatever. I think I’m funny.

The Challenge Rivals II premieres tonight, July 10, at 10/9c on MTV.