“Under the Dome” recap (1.02): We didn’t start the fire


Previously on Under The Dome, Chester’s Mill was trapped in a mysterious force field that sealed the town in a toxic stew of secrets, like a Tupperware container slowly going rancid in your fridge. Was it aliens? A government experiment? A cynical attempt to recreate the success of Lost? Because it’s clear now that Lost is the model for this show. And I don’t just mean the premise of a group of people trapped together, struggling to confront their situation and their own demons; I mean the choice to make this show a mystery, rather than a study in human behavior. What Lost had though, that made it so popular and powerful, were actors and characters and dialogue so mesmerizing that they made us care about the mystery. So far, I’d say Dome has the actors.

This episode was light on the lesbian action (and the action in general), so I’ll be brief, in order to focus on the one really fun scene.

When we left Chester’s Mill last week, Sheriff Duke (a Lost alum, actually) was bleeding out because The Dome made his pacemaker burst from his chest. Linda, his brilliant and capable deputy, realizes that The Dome makes technology EXPLODE. Umm, but only technology with batteries. Oh but it makes tractors explode too, probably? The guiding logic here is that The Dome does whatever the fuck Stephen King wants it to do (this is the guiding logic in all his books BTW).

Dome Ep2 Pic1

I will say that, even though we haven’t seen much of them yet, the lesbian couple here actually interest me. For one thing, it’s refreshing that a gay, interracial family can roll up to this small town and no one so much as bats an eyelid. For another, there’s a palpable rhythm and familiarity to their interactions; when Carolyn introduces Alice as a psychiatrist, she does it with an inflection that says “I have learned not to roll my eyes at this through years of practice.”

In my other favorite storyline, if only because it actually has some tension, Junior continues to imprison Angie in the hopes that it will make her fall in love with him. Sorry Junior, that move only works if you have a library and a talking teacup.

Dome Ep2 Pic3A dome within a dome within a delusion.

Barbie, the Conspicuously Handsome Man, continued to feel guilty for murdering Julia’s husband because 1. It was an accident and 2. He is totally gonna hook up with his widow now. Still no update as to why he had to kill him, except that he hadn’t paid for something valuable like drugs or a baseball card or a dome-generator.

Also covering up Secret Mystery Stuff is Big Jim, who is eager to destroy whatever evidence of their propane dealings Sherriff Duke left behind. He sends the skeezy priest to snoop in his house, which proves my longstanding theory that you shouldn’t trust people named Lester with important missions.

Dome Ep2 Pic2

But I am so glad Lester burns down the house because it leads to the first ever group scene, and it is amazing.

Dome Ep2 Pic4

Julia: It hasn’t rained in weeks and all the firefighters are in Out of Town! If we don’t put out this fire, we’re Domed!

Barbie: Come, citizens! Lend me your garden hoses, your fishbowl metaphors, your souvenir shot glasses, anything that can hold water!

Citizen: Like the plot of this show?

Barbie: No!

Dome Ep2 Pic5

Alice (to Carolyn): This is so quaint how we’re all putting out the fire together!

Carolyn: You’re right! Too bad we are so terrible at it and probably going to die!


Dome Ep2 Pic6

Yep, they might not have taught it in your lame “stop, drop, and roll” classes, but apparently, one way to put out a fire is to run it the fuck over with a tractor. Also, you can destroy an entire home in fifteen seconds if you know where the pressure points are. It will not lead to the tractor’s gas tank exploding because Stephen King, y’all.

When the blaze has been successfully trampled, the townsfolk congratulate each other on a job well done, until one of the policemen loses his shit and fires his gun, which ricochets and kills another cop.

Presumably, this will lead to Carolyn being drafted to the force next week, in what is supposed to be a lezzie-heavy episode.

What did you think of the second installment of Under The Dome?

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