The Top 15 Hottest Butch Women


5. Jenny Shimizu: The Ex-Model/Mechanic Butch

Former Calvin Klein model Jenny Shimizu was reportedly discovered while straddling a motorcycle outside a nightclub. That love for engines translated into both a profession (Shimizu is also a mechanic) and a tattoo (her most famous one is of a woman straddling a wrench with the word “Strap-On” stamped on it).

This year, Shimizu made a cameo appearance in Itty Bitty Titty Committee as a hilariously jaded dyke, and she recently joined the cast of here! TV’s Dante’s Cove.

Handiness: 5

Hair and Fashion: 3.6

Posture: 3.6

Butch Attitude: 3.3

How Hot She Looks in a White Ribbed Tank Top: 4.6

Total Score: 20.3

4. Shy (Silas Howard) in By Hook or By Crook: The Stone Butch

This 2001 film is a buddy movie about small-town butch Shy (played by Tribe 8’s Silas Howard), who heads to San Francisco, where she and meets Valentine (Harry Dodge). According to the film’s production notes, “It’s a movie about butches by butches.”

Gabby noted that the character of Shy “pretty much brings it.” And Claudia added: “I heart a brooding stone butch!”

Handiness: 4

Hair and Fashion: 4

Posture: 5

Butch Attitude: 4.5

How Hot She Looks in a White Ribbed Tank Top: 3.75

Total Score: 21.25

3. k.d. lang: The Suave Butch

After viewing k.d. lang’s video for “Constant Craving,” Sarah concluded, “She’s the Ken doll of lesbians.”

“Love the sideburns!” Claudia said.

Gabby felt that lang is “probably not too handy,” but she gave her points for “high-quality hair” and being a “snappy dresser.”

“She is a smooth smoothie,” said Sarah. “This is one case where her voice is not deep and it does not count against her.”

Dawn added, “Can you beat a crooner?”

Handiness: 3.25

Hair and Fashion: 4.5

Posture: 4.75

Butch Attitude: 4.5

How Hot She Looks in a White Ribbed Tank Top: 4.5

Total Score: 21.5

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