The Top 15 Hottest Butch Women


10. Shane McCutcheon (Katherine Moennig) in The L Word: The Hipster Butch

The L Word‘s original heartthrob, Shane McCutcheon (Katherine Moennig) elicited mixed reviews from the panel. Claudia didn’t feel that Shane was very handy: “She can probably change a light bulb.”

Gabby liked Shane’s “swagger” but, she said, “I don’t like a woman with better fashion than me.”

All four panelists felt that Shane is a bit “girlie” and too thin. Nonetheless, Claudia said, “Shane kind of works the L.A. butch thing.”

Handiness: 2.25

Hair and Fashion: 3.75

Posture: 4.25

Butch Attitude: 3.75

How Hot She Looks in a White Ribbed Tank Top: 3.5

Total Score: 17.5

9. Tasha Williams (Rose Rollins) in The L Word: The Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Butch

In Season 4 of The L Word, newcomer Rose Rollins played Tasha Williams, a soldier with a stoic demeanor that Alice (Leisha Hailey) breaks through. Tasha is “slow to open up, but a good woman brings it out of her,” Gabby theorized.

Though Gabby and Dawn disliked Tasha’s hair (which was mostly worn in a bun), Gabby pointed out that “she wears a uniform – for work!” All of the panelists also noted that Tasha both owns a motorcycle and works on it (“I think she’s probably very, very handy,” said Claudia), but Sarah took points off because she dismounted the motorcycle in a “weird” way.

All agreed that they liked Rose Rollins’ voice, but Dawn felt that Rollins didn’t entirely sell the butchness of the character.

Handiness: 4.25

Hair and Fashion: 3

Posture: 3

Butch Attitude: 4.25

How Hot She Looks in a White Ribbed Tank Top: 3.75

Total Score: 18.25

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