The Top 15 Hottest Butch Women


13. Jackie Warner: The L.A. Butch

In two seasons of Bravo’s Work Out, Los Angeles trainer Jackie Warner may have been seen applying lip gloss (to herself, as well as girlfriend-of-the-moment Rebecca Cardon), but she also wore ties, rode a motorcycle and unquestionably dominated her environment. “Jackie Warner is the quintessential L.A. butch,” said Claudia. “She could be handy if she wanted to, but she probably just hires someone.”

Nonetheless, Gabby noted that Warner is “just too pretty – and a little into herself; I want someone who’s into me!”

Dawn gave Warner points for having a motorcycle, but added, “I would look butchier on a tricycle.”

Nonetheless, Sarah commented, “Nice abs.”

Handiness: 2.75

Hair and Fashion: 2.5

Posture: 2.75

Butch Attitude: 3.25

How Hot She Looks in a White Ribbed Tank Top: 4.25

Total Score: 15.5

12. Ellen DeGeneres: The Soft Butch

Ellen DeGeneres has been known to wear a dress, but she also made that horrible movie Mr. Wrong. Chalk it up to pressure to straighten up? “Maybe she’s not the butchest in the world,” Gabby admitted, “but she works it. One point off for the girlie hair and occasional makeup, but just one point because you know she hates it.”

“Ellen is sexy and I can see the butch thing,” said Sarah. “She feels like a brother to me.”

Dawn gave DeGeneres bonus points for making her laugh, and Gabby gave her points for dating Portia de Rossi “and for coming out back in the day.” Besides, Gabby asked, “Aren’t people who like animals usually pretty handy?”

Handiness: 2.5

Hair and Fashion: 3.75

Posture: 3.75

Butch Attitude: 3.25

How Hot She Looks in a White Ribbed Tank Top: 3.5

Total Score: 16.75

11. Randy (Laurel Holloman) in Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love: The Baby Butch

In the 1995 film Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love, high school butch Randy (played by The L Word‘s Laurel Holloman) fell for (previously straight) femme classmate Evie (Nicole Ari Parker).

Randy works at a gas station, and Claudia felt that she “seems capable enough,” although her hair is unfortunately stuck in the early ’90s.

Dawn noted that Randy is a gold-star lesbian, and that she has plenty of potential: “She’s a baby butch; she just needs to be shaped.”

Handiness: 3.6

Hair and Fashion: 2.3

Posture: 3.6

Butch Attitude: 4

How Hot She Looks in a White Ribbed Tank Top: 3.6

Total Score: 17.3

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