“Battlestar Galactica” gets even sexier


Take note, Battlestar Galactica fans: More lesbian action is on the schedule for Sci Fi’s critically acclaimed series. Today, SyFy Portal reports some new spoilers about the BSG TV movie set to air this November. As has been widely leaked previously, the movie, titled Razor, will flash back to the Battlestar Pegasus, last seen in the Season 2 episodes "Pegasus" and the two-part "Resurrection Ship."

The Battlestar Pegasus was commanded by the very commanding Admiral Helena Cain, played by Michelle Forbes.

If she looks familiar, it’s because Forbes has been all over your TV. She played Ensign Ro Laren on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Dr. Julianna Cox on Homicide: Life on the Street, Lynne Kresge on Season 2 of 24, and most recently, Samantha Brinker on Prison Break. But it’s BSG where I learned that she’s born to play a badass. (More on Admiral Cain and those spoilers after the jump.)

[Spoilers ahead!]

In "Pegasus," Admiral Cain was keeping cylon Number Six (Tricia Helfer) prisoner, and the relationship between the two was, well, extremely antagonistic to say the least. According to SyFy Portal, in earlier, happier days, the two were actually lovers. Here are the details:

“Cain and Gina were quite close,” a source tells SyFy Portal. “In fact, they were lovers. We don’t exactly come out and say it, but you’d have to be sleeping through the middle of all this to not pick up on their relationship.”

“We’ve gone out of our way to make sure that it wasn’t thrown in there just to throw it in there,” the source said. “The love between the two sets up a [dramatic] device of betrayal, and what scorned love can create in the heat of the moment. Finding out your lover is really the enemy might not be new, but this should be a fresh perspective.”

Here’s a shot of Number Six, in case you forgot what she looks like:

Now imagine Admiral Cain and Number Six, um, together. Care to speculate on how their relationship went so downhill? Maybe all that hotness just couldn’t last for that long …

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