Her name is Sarah, not Bette: Jennifer Beals on Lifetime


Over the weekend, I saw an ad for a new Lifetime movie called My Name Is Sarah, starring none other than Jennifer Beals. I’m often told that Beals is a second-rate actress and I should stop praising her so much in the L Word recaps, so I hate it when she proves those naysayers right by doing crappy Lifetime movies.

There’s another familiar face in this piece of fluff: Sarah’s suitor is played by Peter Outerbridge, who was not-an-effing-drag-queen Jeremy/Judy in Better Than Chocolate. Why is it that Lifetime movies often have connections to gay movies and shows? Don’t tell me it’s because melodramas and homo-dramas attract the same second-rate stars. I’ll clap my hands over my ears and say, “I can’t hear you I can’t hear you I can’t hear you!”

This movie also has an odd 30 Rock connection: Remember when Liz Lemon, in the process of flirting with Floyd (Jason Sudeikis), inadvertently went to an AA meeting and then later had to confess that she wasn’t an alcoholic? Apparently that’s the entire plot of this Beals flick. I’m betting Tina Fey did that idea all the justice it deserves, and did so in a mere ten minutes — I’d hate to see it dragged out for two hours.

My Name Is Sarah premiered on Lifetime this past Monday — oddly enough, I missed it. It airs again on Saturday and, no doubt, multiple times in the coming months.