An encyclopedic Buffy FAQ (did Willow write this?)


Where have I been? Apparently IMDb now has user-edited FAQs (think wiki). And the "FAQ of the week" for this week is a very impressive compendium of Buffy the Vampire Slayer facts and trivia. It even includes information about the new comic book series. And the collection of links is so very helpful — all your Buffy needs, from music to video clips to transcripts to recaps, all one click away.

Here are a few choice questions and answers:

Q. Faith has a last name now? What’s up with that?

A: Yes, Faith has a last name now, Lehane. Long story short, Joss had to come up with a last name for her to put in an official RPG book, and chose to emphasis her Boston roots by giving her a Boston-Irish surname (it means “grey,” apparently). You can take it or leave it as you choose for the moment, since the show isn’t running any more, but since it’s her ‘official’ last name now, it’ll more than likely be the one used in any future books, comics or spin-offs.

Q: What were the hints that Willow was gay before season 4?

A: The only strong one was from season 3’s “Doppelgangland,” when Willow encounters her bisexual vampire self and comments “I’m all skanky and evil … and I think I’m kinda gay.” Buffy assures her that the vampire is nothing like the person it was (shushing Angel when he tries to correct her) and it’s never mentioned again until Willow comes out (although it was referenced in the seaosn 6 episode “Tabula Rasa,” when Willow lost her memory and repeated the “I think I’m kinda gay” line).

Q: In “Bargaining, part 1,” is that Spike in the background at the airport?

A: Nope, just a random peroxided guy.

The FAQ also led me to a lovely list of the Top 100 BTVS Moments. Willow and Tara are right at the top.

Check out the FAQ for yourself, and contribute/edit/inquire as you see fit. (Personally, I’m tempted to go in and fix all the punctuation, but I know that would just be uncool.)

Here’s a gratuitious picture of Eliza Dushku.