So what did you really think of “Work Out”?


Now that Season 2 of Bravo's Work Out has concluded, you know what it's time for? Processing! Especially since the star of the show is none other than the very lesbian Jackie Warner. In a two-part "Memories of the Season" video on the show's website, Jackie reminisces about the emotional changes she went through on the second season.

She says that she made a "big transition" after the first couple of weeks of shooting, because initially she was overwhelmed with starting new businesses (I guess she means Skylab and that clothing line) and going through her breakup ("again"), but she applauds herself for processing it relatively quickly. "Everything I feel changed for me," she says. "My energy just lightened and the pieces came together." For Jackie, the show has been "a huge blessing" and helped to "shine light" on the things she wanted to change (uh, Mimi?).

She also says that Rebecca has been a good influence on her, "not because she's teaching me anything," but because she's "an honest person" and she "brightens" Jackie's day. That's a back-handed compliment if I ever heard one!

Jackie admits that she was so busy outside of shooting the show with "other business dealings that are legitimate" (her illegitimate ones must be on the back-burner for now) that at times she wouldn't sleep for four days in a row. Sometimes she didn't even feel "attractive and pretty on-camera" because of the stress, and ended up taking it out on the crew and her friends. But then she claps her hands together as if she's dusting off some dirt and says bracingly, "But with me, I'm very self-aware, and I cleaned house emotionally — pretty quickly, to my credit, and just moved on."

Jackie's all-business attitude toward dealing with her emotional life is a sight to behold — she's like Oprah in an MBA program. It'll be interesting to see how the other cast members of Work Out dealt with Jackie's no-nonsense self-awareness next week on the Work Out reunion show. For me, I'm curious to know what you all thought of Work Out overall. Here are some questions for discussion:

What did you think of Jackie's apparent skill for seducing the straight ladies? Did it confirm the predatory lesbian stereotype or subvert it? What was your favorite story line in Season 2? Who's your favorite Girlfriend of Jackie? Mimi, that chick she had margaritas with in Season 1, Tiffany or Rebecca?

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