Ali Liebert and Mia Kirshner are headed to “Lost Girl”


You know how Canada is better than everyone but they don’t brag about it because they’re Canada? Well, it’s time for them to start boasting, because through some kind of fruity voodoo magic, Lost Girl has managed to secure Bomb Girls star Ali Liebert, and The L Word/Defiance star Mia Kirsher, and King George Takei for the fourth season of Lost Girl. Yeah, you heard me. The greatest Canadian lesbian show meets the other greatest Canadian lesbian show meets the original lesbian show that was filmed in Vancouver meets King George Takei.

I can tell you don’t believe me. Here, listen to Lost Girl EP Emily Andreas:


LGBTnerdsplsion is right!

Place your bets right now on who hooks up with whom. I say Ali’s character hooks up with Lauren, Mia’s character hooks up with Tamsin, and King George Takei just sits on his rightful throne. (Although, oddly enough, Rachel Skarsten isn’t mentioned in the press release.)

Anyway, I’m going to run around in circles squealing for about two hours. Have a good weekend.

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