“Pretty Little Liars” 25 best season three moments


The life of a lesbian consists of two seasons: The Season of Pretty Little Liars and The Season of Woe. Thanks Vanderjesus above, this year’s Season of Woe is almost over! In five days, Pretty Little Liars returns with a recap episode of season three, and then the following week, it’s season four, bitches! To ready ourselves for the main event, I’ve counted down the 25 best moments of last season.

25. Spencer loses her bra

The only thing she’s better at than hide-and-seek is strip-trivia.

24. Jenna comes out of the closest

Bitch can see she likes the ladies!

23. Mona goes to church

Nerdy Mona praising the Lord with her heart and her dance moves was one of the most flawless flashbacks we’ve ever seen.

22. “You may have heard I killed a guy.”

Is a thing Emily said to her therapist before she was hypnotized into believing she bludgeoned Ali to death with a shovel.

21. Ashley Marin learns the gay lingo

“What’s a pink drink? Is that code for something gay?”

20. Mona enjoys Spoby’s Pinot

While Spencer sits outside sobbing her eyeballs out and begging Toby to open the door and explain why he’s A, Mona sits inside listening to classical music, sipping on their anniversary wine.

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