Lucy Lawless says “Xena” might be returning from the grave


Holy mother of lesbian subtext, you guys, Lucy Lawless tweeted yesterday afternoon about the most mind-blowing thing in the history of possible TV resurrections. Deep breath. Ready?

I need a minute, OK? Just … just give me a minute.

I mean, I love Lucy Lawless as the love of Ron Swanson’s life (and possible mother of his possible baby!) on Parks and Recreation. And Lucretia was hot as hell making out with ol’ Jaime Murray in Spartacus. And D’Anna Biers was scary in an arousing kind of way in Battlestar Galactica. But Xena, man. XENA.

Don’t even worry about how she “died” at the end of the show. The secret of all comic book-y heroes is that they never really die. They’re like soap opera characters, but with cooler costumes. And also, don’t you dare say Lawless is too old to play Xena because I will legitimately reach through your laptop/iPhone/iPad and wallop you right in the noggin.

A huge thanks to The Mary Sue for giving us a good reason to freak the heck out. My knickers are in a twist already, and I’m not sorry even a little bit.

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