Jaime Murray and Mia Kirshner will share a bed on “Defiance”


Monday, June 3rd is Double Jaime Murray Monday. At 9:00, she’s Stahma Tarr on Defiance. At 10:00, she’s H.G. Wells on Warehouse 13. And if that’s not enough to get your pulse pumping, wait’ll you get a load of the new promos Syfy released for the big event. If you watched Defiance‘s extended preview this Monday during Warehouse 13, you saw Kenya and Stahma share a drink, and you also saw Kenya ask Stahma to dance with her. Apparently that dance led them to bed?

First up is Syfy’s promo featuring both Warehouse 13 and Defiance. (Also, it features Stahma Tarr in another bath and Stahma Tarr lounging around in Kenya’s bed.)


Holy shtako!

Next up is Syfy’s promo for “There’s a Storm Coming,” which gives us a nanosecond glimpse at that bedroom scene from a different angle.


Talk about Need/Want! The only thing Defiance has been missing is some Sapphic shenanigans!

Are you excited for Double Jaime Murray Monday?

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