Has “Pretty Little Liars” cast some competition for Paige McCullers?


The internet moves so fast these days that casting announcements for our favorite TV shows land weeks before an actor ever shows up on set and months before we ever see the episode in which they’re starring. Each new casting announcement sets fandoms into wild, speculative, furious debates about which ship the guest star/new actor will blow up and sink to the bottom of the ocean. It’s not something lesbian fandoms usually get worked up about because when a TV show casts a lesbian character, the press release makes it very clear that they’ve cast themselves A LESBIAN CHARACTER. But last night, The Hollywood Reporter broke some news that had our AfterEllen beehive just a-buzzin’: Rumer Willis is set to guest star on Pretty Little Liars this season.

You know, Rumer Willis. Rumer Willis who played Gia the Lesbian on 90210. Gia who wooed Adrianna Tate-Duncan and then cheated on her with some random girl named Alexa who was, most amazingly, played by South of Nowhere‘s Mandy Musgrave? Yeah, man. That Rumer Willis.

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Here’s what THR had to say about Willis’ turn on PLL:

Willis, who recurred on The CW’s 90210, will play Zoe, organizer of a worldwide charity, in one episode with the potential to appear in more. She is described as the type of girl who will change the world and keep her sense of humor at the same time. Her episode is slated to air in late July.

Here’s what we heard:

Willis, who left a graveyard of lesbian destruction behind on The CW’s 90210, will play Zoe, the organizer of a worldwide charity — which is just about the most lesbian thing you’ve ever heard of — in one episode with the potential to appear in more. She is described as the type of girl whose world will be changed when she makes out with Emily Fields. She will ruin Paige McCullers’ life in late July.

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We admit it was very late when we started panicking about this, and when it comes to Paige McCullers, we aren’t always rational. But, you know, PLL would never make a big deal about casting a lesbian character because half the people in Rosewood are lesbians, and Rumer has played a lesbian before, and no one has ever dated Emily and survived as long as Paige, so god/Marlene King only knows what kind of brutal death she’ll be suffering in the coming weeks and who Emily will reach out to for comfort when she learns that Paige has been mauled to death by a bear in the cupcake shop.

Are we over-thinking it? Are we trolling ourselves? You decide!

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