“Pretty Little Liars” season 4 premiere photos are here!


The wait is almost over! We only have three weeks left until the summer season of Pretty Little Liars, and our excitement is reaching fever pitch here at AfterEllen HQ! We actually worked ourselves up into an even bigger frenzy than usual over the weekend because ABC Family released two handfuls of promo photos from the season four premiere, “A is for A-L-I-V-E.” The new pictures are heavy on nostalgia. In fact, they mirror the pilot episode in lots of ways. The Liars are working their their funeral duds, Jenna is back in her sunglasses, and a brand new Rosewood PD detective, Sean Faris, is getting all up their nuts. Plus it looks like A is on the texting prowl. The only difference is, this time Mona is the fifth Little Liar!

“Hanna, what in the world?” “Aria is doing me today and I’m doing Aria. Don’t be weird.”

“Mona, hush. At funerals we read A’s texts aloud in unison.”

“Did Jason get another new head or something?”

“New-Headed Jason, do you think you can get me an in with Spencer? I date girls now.”

“Oh, gross, look at this. Yahoo! bought Tumblr.”

“I’m the new lead detective on Alison’s murder case. Which one of your mothers will sleep with me?”

“Well, my mom’s not doing it! She did it last time! What about Ella?”

“Spencer, stop it! You’re staring like a Radley patient again! You said you were getting help!”

Hurry up, June 11th! This locket is burning a hole in my pocket!

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